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public Int32 Age { get { return(m_Age); } set { if (value < 0) // The 'value' keyword always identifies the new value. throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException("value", value.ToString(), "The value must be greater than or equal to 0"); m_Age = value; } } }
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At the beginning of 2, we saw the following source code:
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Page 82 facial expressions. Many times, these non-verbal expressions help convey your presenter s message more effectively. In general, you can improve the lighting by reflecting it off a white or light-colored surface, such as a ceiling or wall. If your office does not have light white surfaces or you wish to diffuse the light even more, you can use foamcore, which can be purchased from an art store. Foamcore is a quarter-inch sheet of Styrofoam situated between two sheets of white cardboard that you can clamp or tape to a surface. You can aim the light directly at the foamcore so the light bounces off it and diffuses the lighting throughout the office, rather than aiming the light directly at the presenter. Improving Sound In an office, you will most likely have external noises that can interfere with and degrade the quality of your recorded video and audio. Noise from external sources, such as fans, heaters, ventilation systems, air conditioning, and computers can be a distraction. If you can turn off these systems or machines, you may reduce background noise that will distract from your video. If you cannot turn these systems or machines off, try to find a way to at least minimize these noises.
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DNS Zones
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As you can see in Listing 5-22, the DAO implementation becomes fairly simple by using the utility methods provided in the abstract DAO base class. Notice that in the methods that take the name of any property of a POJO, I ve added utility final static String fields to the POJOs in order to minimize the possibility of errors as shown in the getScheduledEntryForUser, getRemindersForScheduleEntry, and getRemindersForUser methods. Now that we have all the constituents in place, we can assemble the ScheduleService implementation as shown in Listing 5-23. The DynaDTO builder factory is injected as shown before using the @Resource annotation, and the DAOs are injected using the @EJB annotation. The @EJB annotation is used to inject EJB stubs. It replaces the cumbersome lookup code previously needed with EJB 2.X. In the ScheduleServiceBean class I decided to use EJB stub injection using a class field, but like most dependency-injection facilities, it can also be applied to setter methods. For example, the field scheduleDAO is of type ScheduleDAO, which happens to be the local interface of the ScheduleDAOBean. At runtime the container will look up the stub for the ScheduleDAOBean and inject it into the ScheduleServiceBean.
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Part II Designing Types
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Send Amount of data (in bytes per minute) that is being sent from the local computer to the network address. Receive The amount of data (in bytes per minute) that the application is receiving
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Page 141 13. After you complete the Capture Wizard, video and audio is separated into clips and added to the timeline. The video or audio clips have the same names as the slides they narrate. Click Finish to end the Capture Wizard. Clips are added to the project as follows: If you narrated slides with video, the captured video file is separated into clips and added to the Video track on the timeline. If you narrated slides with audio only, the captured audio file is separated into clips on the timeline and added to the Audio 2 track. If you had video and audio content on the timeline before you captured the audio or video narration, and you did not choose to clear the timeline when prompted by the wizard, the audio and video is imported into the current project, but it is not added to the timeline. If you captured video, it is separated into clips that have the same names as the slides they narrate, and then stored in the Video folder. If you captured audio only, the audio file is stored in the Audio folder. To match the slides with the audio narration, add the audio file to the Audio 2 track of the timeline so that it starts at the same point as the first slide that was narrated. Capturing Video and Audio Choosing the Video with audio capture option lets you record live or taped video and audio to your computer. The video sources you can record from include a Web camera, DV camera, analog video camera, or an analog or digital VCR. The video sources you can choose depend on the capture devices installed on your computer. Choosing the Audio only capture option lets you record live or taped audio to your computer. You can capture from audio-only sources, such as a microphone, or you can capture audio from a video source. The video you capture is stored on your computer as a WMV file. When you finish the Capture Wizard, the saved WMV file is automatically imported into your current project. It is stored in the Video folder on the Media tab. If you choose Audio only, the audio you capture is stored on your computer as a WMA file. The saved WMA file is automatically imported into your current project. It is stored in the Audio folder on the Media tab. The following are examples of scenarios in which you might choose to use the Video with audio or Audio only capture options. Video of a recorded or live training course. If you are creating a training presentation, whether it is computer-related or not, you might choose to record video of the trainer so you can use the footage in your online training presentation.
4: ASP.NET Development 101
System State Backup
Perceiving, Interpreting, Understanding
This chapter introduced you to the various ways you can gather, find, and share information using Office Outlook 2007. The next chapter takes you further into working with more structured data by exploring the new and enhanced features in Microsoft Office Access 2007.
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