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If Computer2 discovers it cannot contact Computer1 when it initiates an SOA query, how long does it wait before trying again
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To calculate ranking values, the optimizer needs the data to be sorted rst on the partitioning column or columns and then on the ordering column or columns. If you have an index that already maintains the data in the required order, the leaf level of the index is simply scanned in an ordered fashion (as in our case). Otherwise, the data will be scanned and then sorted with a sort operator. The Sequence Project operator is the operator in charge of calculating the ranking values. For each input row, it needs two ags: 1. Is the row the rst in the partition If it is, the Sequence Project operator will reset the ranking value. 2. Is the sorting value in this row different from the previous one If it is, the Sequence Project operator will increment the ranking value as dictated by the speci c ranking function. For all ranking functions, a Segment operator produces the rst ag value. The Segment operator basically determines grouping boundaries. It keeps one row in memory and compares it with the next. If they are different, it emits one value. If they are the same, it emits a different value. To generate the rst ag, which indicates whether the row is the rst in the partition, the Segment operator compares the PARTITON BY column values of the current and previous rows. Obviously, it emits true for the rst row read. From the second row on, its output depends on whether the PARTITION BY column value changed. In our example, I didn t specify a PARTITION BY clause, so the whole table is treated as one partition. In this case, Segment will emit true for the rst row and false for all others. For the second ag ( Is the value different than the previous value ), the operator that will calculate it depends on which ranking function you requested. For ROW_NUMBER, the ranking value must be incremented for each row regardless of whether the sort value changes. So in our case, we don t need an additional operator. In other cases (for example, with the RANK and DENSE_RANK functions), another Segment operator is used to tell the Sequence Project operator whether the sort value changed to determine whether to increment the ranking value. The brilliance of this plan and the techniques the optimizer uses to calculate ranking values might not be apparent yet. For now, suf ce to say that the data is scanned only once, and if it s not already sorted within an index, it is also sorted. This is much faster than any other technique to calculate ranking values, as I will demonstrate in detail shortly. Determinism As you probably noticed in the output of the previous query, row numbers keep incrementing regardless of whether the sort value changes. Row numbers must be unique within the partition. This means that for a nonunique ORDER BY list, the query is nondeterministic. That is, different result sets are correct, not just one. For example, in Table 6-1 you can see that employees B, G, and J, all having a quantity of 100, got the row numbers 1, 2, and 3, respectively. However, the result would also be valid if these three employees received the row numbers 1, 2, and 3 in a different order.
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Customizing the Desktop Background
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Using SomeValueType, I can now write the following code:
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To work with named parameters or parameters of defined types, you must access the Command object that will be used to execute the query, and manipulate its collection or parameters. The Data Access block makes it easy to create and access the Command object by using two methods of the Database class: GetSqlStringCommand and GetStoredProcCommand. These methods return an instance of the appropriate command class for the configured database as a provider-independent DbCommand type reference. After you create the appropriate type of command, you can use the many variations of the Database methods to manipulate the collection of parameters. You can add parameters with a specific direction using the AddInParameter or AddOutParameter method, or by using the AddParameter method and providing a value for the Parameter Direction parameter. You can change the value of existing parameters already added to the command using the GetParameterValue and SetParameterValue methods. The following code shows how easy it is to create a command, add an input parameter, and execute both a SQL statement and a stored procedure. Notice how the code specifies the command to which the Database class should add the parameter (there could be more than one connection defined for the database), the name, the data type, and the value of the new parameter.
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int iLocal1 = 3 ; int iLocal2 = 0x42 ;
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Consult the .NET documentation on each permission attribute for details of the properties that are available.
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Key: 1 inserted.
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Although much of the time you will enable tracing through the Designer, at times you might find it useful to manage tracing during run time (programmatically) . For example, you might have regular clients receive normal content; however, when someone with specific credentials appears, you might want to enable tracing for that individual . You might also decide to modify tracing when a certain parameter comes through the request . The DebugORama site includes a page named EnableTracing .aspx that illustrates how to control the tracing programmatically . If the user types the correct password, the tracing is turned on . The page also shows how to enable and disable tracing programmatically .
22 The ASP.NET MVC Framework
Note The term lambda is used due to its popularity elsewhere and in other programming languages. You
Here s a basic demonstration of parsing an XML file looking for certain elements: require 'rexml/document' xml = <<END_XML <people> <person> <name>Peter Cooper</name> <gender>Male</gender> </person> <person> <name>Fred Bloggs</name> <gender>Male</gender> </person> </people> END_XML tree = REXML::Document.new(xml) tree.elements.each("people/person") do |person| puts person.get_elements("name").first end <name>Peter Cooper</name> <name>Fred Bloggs</name> You built the tree of XML elements by creating a new REXML::Document object. Using the elements method of tree returns an array of every element in the XML file. each accepts an XPath query (a form of XML search query) and passes matching elements into the associated code block. In this example, you look for each <person> element within the <people> element. Once you have each <person> element in person, you use get_elements to retrieve any <name> elements into an array, and then pull out the first one. Because there s only one name per person in your XML data, the correct name is extracted for each person in the data. REXML has support for most of the basic XPath specification, so if you become familiar with XPath, you can search for anything within any XML file that you need.
The base XML reader examined in 2 the XmlTextReader class does not enable you to validate the contents of an XML source against a schema. The correctness of XML documents can be measured using two distinct and complementary metrics: the well-formedness of the document and the validity. Well-formedness of the document refers to the overall syntax of the document. Validation applies at a deeper level and involves the semantics of the document, which must be compliant with a userdefined layout. The XmlTextReader class ensures only that the document being processed is syntactically correct. By design, the XmlTextReader class deliberately avoids making a more advanced analysis of the nodes in the document and checking their internal dependencies. A more specialized class is available in the Microsoft .NET Framework for accomplishing this more complex task the XmlValidatingReader class. This chapter will focus on techniques and classes available in the .NET Framework to perform validation on XML data. Although validation is a key aspect in projects that involve critical document exchange across heterogeneous platforms, it does come at a price. Validating a document means taking a while to analyze the constituent nodes; the number, type, and values of their attributes; and the node-to-node dependencies. When applications handle a fully validated document, they can be certain not only about the overall syntax but even about the contents. In a normal XML document, a node simply represents itself a rather generic repository of hierarchical information. In a validated XML document, on the other hand, the same node to the application's eye represents a strongly typed and strongly defined piece of information. Basically, in a validated document, a node <invoice_number> ceases to be a node and becomes what it was intended to be the number of the invoice. Clearly, a nonvalidating reader (and, more generally, a nonvalidating XML parser) will run faster than a validating reader, and that's why XML parsers usually provide XML validation as an option that can be programmatically toggled on and off. In .NET applications, you use XmlTextReader if you simply need well-formedness; you resort to XmlValidatingReader if you need to validate the schema of the document.
Windows-Groups. By setting the Windows-Groups to the appropriate
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