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Command Sets
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Table 1-4 lists the other new properties of the Page class.
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Standardized range names Controls Extracting formulas Conditional formatting
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Understanding 64-Bit Windows
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Until Visual Studio 2005, the development environment used IIS directly to serve up pages . That meant that developers needed to have IIS fully enabled on their computers to be able to develop effectively . This created a possible security compromise . Visual Studio 2010 includes its own built-in Web server . This lets you develop Web applications effectively even if you don t have IIS installed on your development computer .
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The Restrict operator lters tuples of a relation. The result of this operator is a relation with fewer tuples than (or the same number as) the original relation. The heading type of the relation returned is the same as the heading type of the original relation. The restriction
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Easy Gallery
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Summary The Visual Studio .NET debugger has many powerful features for debugging, and this chapter introduced you to a set of features for native debugging. The most important conclusion you should have drawn from this chapter is that the debugger can do a considerable amount of work for you if you know how to utilize it effectively. You should strive to make the most of the Visual Studio .NET native debugger so that you can minimize the time you spend in it. The native enhancements to advanced breakpoints help you avoid the tedium often associated with native debugging by allowing you to specify exactly the place and conditions under which a breakpoint triggers. The context part of the advanced breakpoint syntax is what you use to tell the debugger the scope and exact position of the breakpoints. The pseudoregisters, especially $TIB and $ERR, allow you extra power for your conditional expressions. The global data breakpoints let you set a hardware-assisted breakpoint memory location; then when that data location is written to and changed, the breakpoint fires. Additionally, the hardware breakpoint class provided by Mike Morearty allows true read and write breakpoints in your code. The Watch window, with its wonderful flexibility, is where you can do amazing things to speed up your debugging. In addition to letting you change your variable values, the Watch 315
When you connect a device that has a defined relationship with one PC to a different computer, you see a dialog box that allows you to transfer the partnership to the new computer or just synchronize the device one time using the current Library. All other actions are the same after you make this choice.
. . . 1 . . To run ILDASM, open the Visual Studio .NET 2010 command prompt and type ILDASM . 2 . . Select File, Open . 3 . . Find the assembly compiled by the ASP .NET runtime . Go to C:\WINDOWS\ Microsoft .NET\Framework\v2 .0 .50727\Temporary ASP .NET Files\aspnetstepbystep4\ (on a 64-bit computer, the subdirectory will be Framework64 ) . The subdirectory is named v2 .0 .50727 at the time of this writing . The final subdirectory might be slightly different . You ll see some oddly named directories underneath . For example, on my computer, the subdirectory names generated by ASP .NET are 4076b23e and ac422a67 . The directory name(s) will most likely be different on your computer . There s no easy way to figure out which directories have the code that just executed (though looking at the
int System.Int32 int System.Int32 a a a a = = = = 0; 0; new int(); new System.Int32(); // // // // Most convenient syntax Convenient syntax Inconvenient syntax Most inconvenient syntax
The ParallelQuery<T> class is derived from the ParallelQuery class .
The Process
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