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Figure 3-13. Team members can add the Crisis Response Team to Outlook with just one click.
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VPN Deployment
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namespace CoolDownButton { public class CoolDownButtonControl : Control { } } 2. Now add the control s public properties, as follows:
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Behind the scenes lie new functions whose results once could be achieved only with painstaking efforts and even then only in part (through the use of array formulas) . I had longed for functions such as SUMIFS and COUNTIFS (note the S at the end; it s not a typing error) for such a long time and was overjoyed to find them . They make it considerably easier to perform lots of calculation tasks and to create user-friendly models . Before I explain these in greater detail, let me first provide a brief overview of what can be achieved with the model used here . Note the following points with reference to Figure 10-14:
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Figure 12-6: The sample application in action, waiting for user input. Accessing the Raw Data Once the remote assembly has been referenced by the project and the remote type configured in the form's Load event, you can write the client application and use the remote type as if it were a local type. The following code shows what happens when you click to get raw data: private void ButtonGetData_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { // Get the year to process int theYear = Convert.ToInt32(Years.Text); // Instantiate the object and issue the call ServiceSalesProvider ssp = new ServiceSalesProvider(); DataSet ds = ssp.GetSalesReport(theYear); // Turn on and fill the DataGrid control // Also and turn off the picture box PictureContainer.Visible = false; Data.Visible = true; Data.DataSource = ds.Tables[0]; // Update the UI Title.Text = "Sales Report for "+ theYear.ToString(); 449
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It s an unfortunate fact of life: Security has become an unwanted but essential part of the computing experience . Therefore, you might want to schedule periodic visits to security-related websites and subscribe to security-related newsletters or RSS feeds . Some resources you might want to check out include:
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4, Custom Rendered Controls, covers the details of controls that do custom rendering, whereas this chapter covers the other kind of control: composite controls . ASP .NET defines two broad categories of composite controls binary custom controls and user custom controls . Each type of composite control has advantages and disadvantages, which this chapter discusses . First, we ll explore the primary differences between rendered controls and composite-style controls .
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Core Facilities
Creating customer and shipping_region Tables
Completing the Getting Started Tasks
Shaping the XML Output
Unfortunately, Microsoft Dynamics CRM doesn t include any pre-built tools or utilities to provide you with end-user usage reporting. You can create your own custom reports based on data fields such as created on, modified on, and possibly the audit data. Unfortunately, relying just on this data to provide you with usage data might not tell you the complete story because auditing might not be enabled for all entities and all data fields. In addition you should be careful about enabling audit for everything because that might negatively impact your system performance.
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