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Dungeon Concepts
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The IndentFileLogger starts each log message with the event type that raised it. From the preceding output you can see the order in which these events are raised. BuildStarted will be followed by ProjectStarted, then TargetStarted and any task related events inside of that. Messages, errors, warnings, and status events can be raised at any point during the build process. We will move on to discuss creating custom loggers by taking a look at a very simple logger, the HelloLogger. The HelloLogger will not accept any parameters and it will ignore the Verbosity setting. We will leave that for other examples later in this chapter. The Initialize method for this logger is shown as follows.
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$this->mTotalAmountLabel = ShoppingCart::GetTotalAmount(); $this->mContinueShopping = $_SESSION['page_link']; $this->mCustomerData = Customer::Get(); // We allow placing orders only if we have complete customer details if (empty ($this->mCustomerData['credit_card'])) { $this->mOrderButtonVisible = 'disabled="disabled"'; $this->mNoCreditCard = 'yes'; } else { $this->mPlainCreditCard = Customer::DecryptCreditCard( $this->mCustomerData['credit_card']); $this->mCreditCardNote = 'Credit card to use: ' . $this->mPlainCreditCard['card_type'] . '<br />Card number: ' . $this->mPlainCreditCard['card_number_x']; } if (empty ($this->mCustomerData['address_1'])) { $this->mOrderButtonVisible = 'disabled="disabled"'; $this->mNoShippingAddress = 'yes'; } else { $shipping_regions = Customer::GetShippingRegions(); foreach ($shipping_regions as $item) if ($item['shipping_region_id'] == $this->mCustomerData['shipping_region_id']) $this->mShippingRegion = $item['shipping_region']; } } } > 3. Create the checkout_not_logged.tpl file in the presentation/templates folder, and add the following code: {* checkout_not_logged.tpl *} <h3> You must be logged in to CHECKOUT <br /> If you don't have an account please register <br /> </h3>
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The IsDefined method is frequently used for parameter validation . Here s an example:
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When CompanyB attempts to compile its code, the C# compiler issues the following warning: warning CS0108: The keyword new is required on BetterPhone.Dial() because it hides inherited member Phone.Dial() . This warning is notifying the developer that BetterPhone is defining a Dial method, which will hide the Dial method defined in Phone. This new method could change the semantic meaning of Dial (as defined by CompanyA when it originally created the Dial method). It s a very nice feature of the compiler to warn you of this potential semantic mismatch. The compiler also tells you how to remove the warning by adding the new keyword before the definition of Dial in the BetterPhone class. Here s the fixed BetterPhone class:
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public class TempFile : Task { [Output] public ITaskItem TempFilePath
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Run the following code to simulate another day s worth of order activity (April 19, 2008):
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In the IP Address Assignment area of the IP tab, you can configure how the server assigns IP addresses to remote access clients. When selected, the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) option indicates that the remote access clients will be assigned addresses from a DHCP server. This DHCP server, if not configured on the Routing And Remote Access service itself, must be connected to the remote access interface through a DHCP relay agent. Alternatively, when the Static Address Pool option is selected, Routing And Remote Access acts as its own DHCP-type server. In this case, you must manually specify a range of addresses from which the Routing And Remote Access service assigns addresses to clients. Finally, the IP tab also includes an Enable Broadcast Name Resolution check box. Selecting this option enables a remote access client to resolve computer names on all network segments connected directly to the Routing And Remote Access computer,
SELECT CHECKSUM(dbo.RegexReplace(tsql_code, N'([\s,(=<>!]( ![^\]]+[\]]))( :( :( :( # )( :([N]) ('')( :[^'']|'''')*(''))( # )|( :0x[\da-fA-F]*)( # )|( :[-+] ( :( :[\d]*\.[\d]*|[\d]+)( # )( :[eE] [\d]*)))( # )|( :[~] [-+] ( :[\d]+))( # ))( :[\s] [\+\-\*\/\%\&\|\^][\s] ) )+( # ))', N'$1$2$3#$4')) AS cs, duration FROM dbo.Workload;
4 Custom Rendered Controls
This section provides an overview of the query-tuning tools that will be used throughout these books, and it will focus on analyzing execution plans.
1 . Set Trace="true". 2. The virtual page is called Trace.axd.
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