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The C# compiler won t actually compile this code because it forbids you from defining a type derived from the special System.Enum type . However, this pseudo-type definition shows you what s happening internally . Basically, an enumerated type is just a structure with a bunch of constant fields defined in it and one instance field . The constant fields are emitted to the assembly s metadata and can be accessed via reflection . This means that you can get all of the symbols and their values associated with an enumerated type at runtime . It also means that you can convert a string symbol into its equivalent numeric value . These operations are made available to you by the System.Enum base type, which offers several static and instance methods that can be performed on an instance of an enumerated type, saving you the trouble of having to use reflection . I ll discuss some of these operations next .
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3. Click the Special button in the dialog box and select the Formulas option in the Go To Special dialog box that opens . When you choose OK, all cells containing formulas are selected . 4. Next, right-click in the selected range to open the context menu . The mini toolbar also appears, showing the main formatting tools (see Figure 2-26) . Click the Fill Color button and, when the color palette appears, assign a specific color to the selected cells . Remember that you should be consistent in your choice of color so that you can tell at a glance which cells contain which kind of content during the design phase .
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Open Visual Studio and create a new website called DatasourceLab by using your preferred programming language. Add the northwnd.mdf file to your App_Data directory. You can copy the file from the sample files installed from this book s CD. Add a new ADO.NET Entity Data Model to your website. Name this model northwind.edmx. When prompted, allow Visual Studio to add the model to the App_Code directory. Using the Entity Data Model Wizard, select Generate from database on the first step and click Next. On the next page, select the northwnd.mdf data file. Make sure to select the check box to save the connection string in the Web.config file. Name this connection string northwndEntitiesCnn and click Next. On the next page, select the Customers, Order Details, and Orders tables. Make sure that both check boxes are selected, and set the Model Namespace to northwndmodel. Click Finish to complete the wizard and generate your database model. Rename items in the model to better identify them. First, select the Order_Detail entity in the model, right-click it, and choose Rename. Rename the entity to OrderDetail. Then select the Order_Details navigation property from the Order entity and rename it to OrderDetails. Save and close the model.
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Important Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to configure multiple forms per entity so that
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Add the new folder, Customer, to your Views folder.
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After you use the configuration files you saved on a USB flash drive to configure your router and then set up each of the wireless computers on the network, you might be tempted to delete the files from the UFD . For security purposes, you should; if you leave the files in place, an attacker who ends up with the UFD has instant and unfettered access to your wireless network . However, we recommend that you first copy the \Smrtntky folder to one of your profile folders on your computer s hard disk drive . (There s no security risk in doing so; if the attacker has your hard disk, he already has access to your network .) You might need these files again for any of several reasons, including:
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Leave the workspace from the previous build (if SkipInitializeWorkspace is true). Delete the workspace from the previous build (if CleanCompilationOutputOnly is true or SkipClean is true). Delete the workspace and the local les in that workspace (the source-code) from the previous build (in all other cases).
The above descriptions also clearly illustrate the following problem: a comparative query of 75 cities naturally makes it necessary to sort the city names in the control lists in alphabetical order . However, it is necessary here to extract data that is stored differently in three different data sheets; in other words, sorted according to values and on top of that sorted differently in each of the three sources . Before we discuss how to solve such difficulties, let's consider the working objective again .
1. Create a new file named checkout_info.tpl in the presentation/templates folder, and add the following code to it: {* cart_details.tpl *} {load_checkout_info assign="checkout_info"} <span class="description"> Your order consists of the following items: </span> <br /><br /> <form method="post" action="{$checkout_info->mCheckoutInfoLink|prepare_link:"https"}"> <table> <tr> <th>Product Name</th> <th>Price</th> <th>Quantity</th> <th>Subtotal</th> </tr> {section name=cCartItems loop=$checkout_info->mCartItems} <tr> <td>{$checkout_info->mCartItems[cCartItems].name}</td> <td>{$checkout_info->mCartItems[cCartItems].price}</td> <td>{$checkout_info->mCartItems[cCartItems].quantity}</td> <td>{$checkout_info->mCartItems[cCartItems].subtotal}</td> </tr> {/section} </table> <br /> <span>Total amount:</span> <span class="price">${$checkout_info->mTotalAmountLabel}</span> <br /><br /> {if $checkout_info->mNoCreditCard == 'yes'} <span class="error_text">No credit card details stored.</span> {else} <span>{$checkout_info->mCreditCardNote}</span> {/if} <br /><br /> {if $checkout_info->mNoShippingAddress == 'yes'} <span class="error_text">Shipping address required to place order.</span> {else} <span>
16 Service Broker
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checkout: This directory will contain the source code of the projects being built (the source to build) logs: This directory is where CruiseControl will store logs and reports about the applications being built (the details about each build) artifacts: This directory is where any output files resulting from the builds are kept (build products like JARs, WARs, and EARs) At the root of the working directory, create a file name config.xml with the following contents: <cruisecontrol></cruisecontrol> To get CruiseControl running successfully under Linux follow these steps: 1. In the working directory, create a symbolic link of the webapps directory located in the CruiseControl directory. 2. Edit the shell script cruisecontrol.sh under the CruiseControl directory and change the value of the variable CC_DIR=/opt/cruisecontrol (or the location where you unzipped the CruiseControl archive). 3. Add the CruiseControl directory to the system s execution path. You can accomplish this by running the shell commands export PATH=/opt/cruisecontrol:$PATH. 4. Make sure that your system s JAVA_HOME environment variable is defined and that the Java executables are in the system s execution path. 5. Set executable permissions on the shell script cruisecontrol.sh. The CruiseControl working directory should look like Figure 9-2.
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