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scenario 4: managing and enforcing configuration for multiple applications
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Stores the category description. It allows NULLs.
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The Enterprise Library stand-alone configuration console and the Visual Studio integrated configuration editor allow you to satisfy a range of advanced configuration scenarios based on external configuration sources such as disk files. When you use the configuration tools without specifying a configuration source, they default to using the System Configuration Source to create a single configuration file that contains the entire configuration for the application. Your application will expect this to be named App.config or Web.config (depending on the technology you are using), and will read it automatically. You can select Add Configuration Settings on the Blocks menu to display the section that contains the default system configuration source. If you click the chevron arrow to the right of the Configuration Sources title to open the section properties pane you can see that this is also, by default, specified as the Selected Source the configuration source to which the configuration generated by the tool will be written. When an application that uses Enterprise Library reads the configuration, it uses the settings specified for the selected source. The following sections describe the common scenarios for more advanced configuration that you can accomplish using the configuration tools. Some of these scenarios require you to add additional configuration sources to the application configuration.
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As I browsed the site, I felt like I was visiting several different sites. The layout of the page changed, and the logo is even different on some pages. Awful. There are so many different fonts that it looks like a ransom note. Why does every page look different Get an editor. Nice website, but the colors are awful. How can you provide a consistent layout for the site How can you address the concerns about the inconsistency of fonts How can you ensure that a developer does not set the incorrect font on a control How can you enable users to change the colors of the website
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// This type is implicitly derived from System.Object. class Employee { }
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Static and instance methods
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of predetermined style numbers . T-SQL doesn t support specifying a format string the way that many procedural languages do . To support such an option you have to implement your own function . If you ve ever tried achieving this task with T-SQL, you know how difficult it is and how poorly it performs . Implementing the task with a CLR function is ridiculously simple . You write a function that accepts a date and time value (of a SqlDateTime type) and a format string (of a SqlString type) as inputs . The function s definition is based on a single line of code that applies the .Value.ToString methods to the input date and time value, passing the format string as input to the method . Note An important difference between CONVERT and the CLR routine is that CONVERT will
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9 Silverlight Controls: Advanced Controls
When you share a folder, you also make that folder s subfolders available on the network . If the access permissions you set for the folder aren t appropriate for any of its subfolders, either reconsider your choice of access permissions or restructure your folders to avoid the problem .
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Fade to Gray
The ASP .NET MVC framework is fundamentally different from ASP .NET Web Forms . MVC makes a very clear distinction between data sources, program interaction with the data, and the presentation of data . MVC enforces a separation of concerns, whereas that sort of separation is something you d have to build into an ASP .NET Web Forms application explicitly . MVC eschews some of the other features of standard Web Forms . For example, ASP .NET MVC does not support view state directly (that feature really stems from server-side controls) . As a result, you won t see any hidden fields showing up in pages rendered by the MVC framework . One of the most prominent places you ll notice that MVC differs from Web Forms is in the area of handling postback events . In MVC, events are routed through a routing table rather than through the singular server-side controls . With Web Forms, however, routing typically occurs through specific event handlers placed on a page .
Building the QuotesService as a WCF service
<html> <script language="C#" runat=server> public void Page_Load(object sender,EventArgs e) { Simple Hello=new Simple(); Response.Write(Hello.HelloWorld("Spanish")); } </script>
Line Charts
4. Execute the query by selecting Query Execute, or by pressing F5. The results can be seen in Figure 4-6.
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