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Ch8_NavAppFromScratchTestPage.aspx#View1 10. Now select Red and click on the Navigate to Inner View and once again inspect the URL: Ch8_NavAppFromScratchTestPage.aspx#InnerView/Red As you have seen in this example, UriMapping provide a way to create more user friendly Url addresses and also provide a way to hide application specific information from appearing in your application.
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User Account Control: Behavior of the Elevation Prompt for Administrators in Admin Approval Mode
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are using Rqc.exe (from the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit) and its default port, configure a single input packet filter to allow only traffic from Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port 7250 and to TCP port 7250.
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C ha p ter 16 G U I - B a S e D D e S K t O p a p p LI C a t I O N D e V e LO p M e N t
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If you keep your documents on the same volume as your system files, performing a Complete PC Restore is likely to entail the loss of recent work unless, of course, you have an up-to-date file backup or you have the good fortune to have made an image backup almost immediately before your current troubles began . The same is true if you save documents on a volume separate from your system files but you have included that data volume in your Complete PC Backup . If you have documents that have not been backed up, you can avoid losing recent work by copying them to a disk that will not be affected by the restore process a USB flash drive, for example, or some other form of removable media . You can use the Command Prompt option in the Windows Recovery Environment to copy these documents . (For details about using the Command Prompt option, see Working at the Command Prompt, later in this chapter .) If you do have a recent file backup, you will be able to restore files after you have used Windows Complete PC Restore to get your system running again .
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directories you are given a set of metadata automatically, these are well-known metadata. These values are read-only and are summarized in Table 2-3.
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} public void Dispose() { } // ... }
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1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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Creating and consuming WCF services follows a standard set of programming tasks. You follow these steps every time you want to create and consume a new WCF service:
Find ZIP Codes around a Point Location
public virtual void BindToName(Type serializedType, out string assemblyName, out string typeName)
Monitoring Security in Windows Vista
Click Practice Tests and follow the instructions on the screen.
So far, you can see that the fundamentals of Forms Authentication are easy to manage . In the previous examples, the pages are inaccessible until users prove their identity . The preceding example shows raw authentication for which the user names and passwords are hard-coded into the ASPX file . This is useful for illustration purposes; however, in a production application you ll undoubtedly want to assign identities to the authorized users visiting your site . ASP .NET and Visual Studio include facilities for managing user identities and roles . The following exercise shows how to set up a secure site in which users are allowed access only after they identify themselves correctly .
Data Binding with Silverlight
A. Correct: You can use the .bind() method to bind code to a selected element s event. B. Correct: The .ready() event indicates the DOM has been loaded. c. Incorrect: The .load() event indicates that an element (and not the DOM) has been loaded. D. Incorrect: The .add function allows you to add elements to found items. This would not
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