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You can use Service Broker to develop applications that manage queues in your database. However, when you need to manage queues on a much smaller scale, without delving into the new queuing infrastructure and platform, you can do so by using the new OUTPUT clause. To demonstrate managing a queue, run the following code, which creates the Messages table: USE tempdb; GO IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.Messages') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.Messages; GO CREATE TABLE dbo.Messages ( msgid INT NOT NULL IDENTITY , msgdate DATETIME NOT NULL DEFAULT(GETDATE()), msg VARCHAR(MAX) NOT NULL, status VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL DEFAULT('new'), CONSTRAINT PK_Messages PRIMARY KEY NONCLUSTERED(msgid), CONSTRAINT UNQ_Messages_status_msgid UNIQUE CLUSTERED(status, msgid), CONSTRAINT CHK_Messages_status CHECK (status IN('new', 'open', 'done')) );
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Configuring DNS Servers and Clients
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The surveyAnswerStore variable holds a reference to an instance of the SurveyAnswerStore type. The application uses Unity to initialize this instance with the correct IAzureBlob and IAzureQueue instances. The BLOB container stores the answers to the survey questions, and the queue maintains a list of new survey answers that haven t been included in the summary statistics or the list of survey answers. The SaveSurveyAnswer method writes the survey response data to the BLOB storage and puts a message onto the queue. The action method then immediately returns a Thank you message. The following code example shows the SaveSurveyAnswer method in the SurveyAnswerStore class.
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Test environment One box
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When selecting an algorithm for calculating hash codes for instances of your type, try to follow these guidelines: Use an algorithm that gives a good random distribution for the best performance of the hash table. Your algorithm can also call the base type s GetHashCode method, including its return value in your own algorithm. However, you don t generally want to call Object s or ValueType s GetHashCode method because the implementation in either method doesn t lend itself to high performance hashing algorithms. Your algorithm should use at least one instance field. Ideally, the fields you use in your algorithm should be immutable; that is, the fields should be initialized when the object is constructed and they should never again change during the object s lifetime. Your algorithm should execute as quickly as possible.
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You cannot change the definition of an existing view. Oracle SQL offers an ALTER VIEW command, but you can use that command only to recompile views that became invalid. You can drop a view definition only, with the DROP VIEW command. The DROP VIEW command is very straightforward, and doesn t need additional explanation: SQL> drop view <view_name>; Alternatively, you can replace the definition of an existing view with the CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW command, as described earlier in this section.
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plate allows you to make changes to the template that apply to all quotas derived from the template. For example, to change the administrator e-mail address for all quotas on a server, edit the appropriate quota templates and then apply these changes to all quotas. This eliminates the need to manually update each quota.
Upon returning to the Article Manager, if the Published column for either article holds the pending icon (which displays an exclamation point), as shown in Figure 4-22, you ll have to change the publication date for the articles to display. Occasionally, Joomla takes the server date and time and then assigns a future time for publication to a new article. To publish the article now, simply edit the article and change the Start Publishing date to the present date.
FIguRE 21-9 After one collection, generation 0 survivors are promoted to generation 1; generation 0 is
An ASPX page always has two separate components: layout and code. The layout is expressed by using HTML, a formatting language that web designers specialize in. The code is written in ASP.NET, usually with Visual Basic .NET or C#, programming languages that web developers specialize in. ASP.NET allows you to store both the layout and code in a single file, or to store them in separate files (a technique known as code-behind). If you are handling both the web design and web development roles, you might use the single-file method. If another individual will perform the layout work, or might in the future, code-behind is the preferred choice. If you are not sure, use the code-behind method, because it is easier to organize and more widely accepted in the development community.
#line 100 "MyFileName"
return ( _T ( "EXCEPTION_INT_OVERFLOW" ) ) ;
Datatypes and Properties in Action: A Simple Example
You can easily send your calendar to others by e-mail.
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Connecting to RWW
Workflow Process Basics
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