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type: "POST", dataType: "json", contentType: "application/json", url: "CityLookup.aspx/GetCityCodes", data: "{'state': '" + state + "'}", success: function (data) { alert(data.d); },
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Writing your slide headlines using the Act II columns has now given your presentation an important scalability that will play out when you work in PowerPoint. When you create a presentation with three columns, you are prioritizing your ideas in order of importance, from left to right. If you have a 45-minute presentation, you ll present all of your slides in Act II. If your time is unexpectedly cut to 15 minutes, you ll skip the Detail slides, and if your time is cut to 5 minutes, you ll also skip the Explanation slides. Because you have applied the power of a hierarchy to prioritize your ideas, you can scale up or down to the
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In the early years of programming, a program was regarded as the private property of the programmer. One would no more think of reading a colleague s program unbidden than of picking up a love letter and reading it. This is essentially what a program was, a love letter from the programmer to the hardware, full of the intimate details known only to partners in an affair. Consequently, programs became larded with the pet names and verbal shorthand so popular with lovers who live in the blissful abstraction that assumes that theirs is the only existence in the universe. Such programs are unintelligible to those outside the partnership. Michael Marcotty
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Equi-joins are joins with a join condition based on an equality operator. Non-equi-joins have operators other than equality in their join condition. For example, suppose that you need to generate all pairs of two different employees from an Employees table. Assume that currently the table contains employee IDs A, B, and C. A cross join would generate the following nine pairs: A, A A, B
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The TreeView Control
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This service uses the message types and contract created for the InventoryService, so they don t have to be created again . If you create this service in another database, you must first create the message types and contract in that database . AddItemProc is a simple procedure . It populates the message body with an XML document, begins a dialog to the InventoryService, and sends the message . For each message sent, a row is inserted into the InventoryState table . The InventoryState table tracks the progress of the AddItem messages, so a user can see the progress of the dialog .
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As I describe the different fundamental join typescross, inner, and outerkeep in mind the phases in query logical processing that I described in detail in the 1. In particular, keep in mind the logical phases involved in join processing. Each fundamental join type takes place only between two tables. Even if you have more than two tables in the FROM clause, the first three query logical processing phases will take place between two tables at a time. Each join will result in a virtual table, which in turn will be joined with the next table in the FROM clause. This process will continue until all tables in the FROM clause are processed. The fundamental join types differ in the logical phases that they apply. Cross join applies only the first (Cartesian product), inner join applies the first and the second (Cartesian product, ON filter), and outer join applies all three (Cartesian product, ON filter, add outer rows).
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The template plan guide overrides parameterization behavior for our query template to forced, and the SQL plan guide adds the OPTIMIZE FOR hint to the same query template, ensuring that it will get a plan for a selective filter .
So, without further ado, let me start off by showing you an example of a hybrid thread synchronization lock:
The correct interpretation of language depends on context. In some cases, the context for interpreting a word is adjacent, as is the context for interpreting the word oor differently in the following two sentences: This will oor you and The oor is dirty. In other cases, the context is more general, as in the context for interpreting the remark Watch the batter! differently when at an baseball game and when in a cooking class. Every natural language depends on context to clarify meaning, and it s a fact of life we tend to accommodate naturally, for the most part. Mathematical expressions depend on context also, but we don t grow to learn the details and implications of mathematical context as naturally as we do for our native tongue. Table 2-1 presents a few examples from arithmetic and algebra where the same expression can have more than one interpretation, depending on the context.
Finishing first, the procedural programmer is sure his code will be chosen. The object-oriented programmer takes longer. He recognizes that the specifications might change in the future, and that it would be useful to define a Shape class and then create classes that would inherit from Shape. This would mean that if extra features needed to be added to shapes in general, the code would be ready. He submits his initial solution: class Shape end class Square < Shape def initialize(side_length) @side_length = side_length end def area @side_length * @side_length end def perimeter @side_length * 4 end end class Triangle < Shape def initialize(base_width, height, side1, side2, side3) @base_width = base_width @height = height
Combined with another data-bound control such as the GridView, the DetailsView control greatly simplifies the creation of codeless master/detail views of data. The master control (such as the GridView) selects one particular record in its own data source, and that record becomes the data source for a DetailsView control in the same form.
To test the trigger, first issue an INSERT statement without setting the signal:
The MERGE statement also supports the OUTPUT clause, but with MERGE things are a bit trickier than with the other modi cation statements. One MERGE statement can involve multiple modi cation actions. You may need to be able to tell whether an output row was
Part III Processes
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