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Existing Ranges (Islands)
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Working with an Empty Data Source
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10.3 What Can You Do with Views
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13. Threading and Synchronization
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Figure 4-17. Adding mapping files to a Console configuration Click Finish, and you should now see the new Console configuration in the tree view. To work with this Console configuration right-click and select Create SessionFactory. The node in the tree view should now show the mapped entities as under the Mapped entities node of Console configuration node. You can expand individual entity nodes to reveal the details of a particular mapping as shown in Figure 4-18. You are now ready to test your mappings by typing your HQL queries in the HQL editor view. Going back to our inheritance mapping test for the Table-Per-Class-Hierarchy strategy, let s try some HQL queries. First let s check the contents of the User hierarchy by issuing the query shown in Figure 4-19. As expected, this should return the three objects previously created.
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B. Incorrect: IsReusable is a standard property that indicates whether an object can be
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anaged Solution A Version 2
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Select the TS Licensing server in the left pane and then select Activate Server from the Action menu. The Terminal Server License Server Activation Wizard opens. Click Next to open the Connection Method page. Select a connection method from the drop-down list. The choices are Automatic Connection, Web Browser, or Telephone. Automatic Connection requires an Internet connection from the server you are activating. Web Browser also requires an Internet connection, but it can be run from any workstation. Click Next. If you ve chosen Automatic, the connection will be made and then the rst Company Information page is displayed, as shown in Figure 25-17. Fill in all the elds on this page they are required. Click Next.
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622 ChAPTER 10
Create a Web Setup Project and generate a Windows Installer file. If you have sufficient lab equipment, use Active Directory software distribution to distribute the website automatically to multiple servers.
if ( 10 < quantity ) { if ( 100 < quantity ) { if ( 1000 < quantity ) { discount = 0.10; } else { discount = 0.05;
Data (XML)
RADIUS protocol
SELECT groupid, [1] * COALESCE([2], 1) * COALESCE([3], 1) * COALESCE([4], 1) AS product FROM (SELECT groupid, val, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY groupid ORDER BY memberid) AS rn FROM dbo.Groups AS A) AS D PIVOT(MAX(val) FOR rn IN([1],[2],[3],[4])) AS P;
speci ed storage volumes and then creates the storage report from this snapshot using XML style sheets stored in the %WINDIR%\system32\srm\xslt folder. This process minimizes the performance impact on the server, but it does degrade le
bin_to_prefixed_char bin_to_nonprefixed_char -------------------- ----------------------0x4775696E6E657373 4775696E6E657373
To convert your certificates to the .cer exported format
You also must call the base render method to ensure that the control s base rendering gets sent to the page.
//register class as a Sys.Component AjaxEnabled.PasswordStrengthComponent.registerClass( 'AjaxEnabled.PasswordStrengthComponent', Sys.Component);
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