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Figure 6-3: The joy of autoexpands
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the business point of view After you establish the requirements, the feasibility study provides a high-level cost and benefit analysis so that a ROI (return on investment) can be estimated.
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SQL Server 2005 natively supports the XML data type, which means you can store XML data in columns. At first glance, this feature seems to be nothing new because XML data is plain text and to store XML data in a column you only need the column to accept text. However, native XML support in SQL Server 2005 means something different you can declare the type of a given column as native XML, not plain text adapted to mean markup text. In ADO.NET 1.x, the ExecuteXmlReader method allows you to process the results of a query as an XML stream. The ExecuteXmlReader method of SqlCommand builds an XmlTextReader object on top of the data coming from SQL Server. Therefore, for the method to work, the entire resultset must be XML. Scenarios in which this method is useful include when the FOR XML clause is appended or when you query for a scalar value that happens to be XML text. In ADO.NET 2.0, when SQL Server 2005 is up and running, you can obtain an XmlTextReader object for each table cell (row, column) whose type is XML. The following code snippet provides a useful example:
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This practice assumes that you have deployed ICS through a dial-up connection. If instead you are using another type of Internet connection, you will need to make whatever adjustments are required to deploy a DHCP server on your test network.
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A zone transfer request for the secondary zone treyresearch.net was refused by the master DNS server at Check the zone at the master server to verify that zone transfer is enabled to this server. To do so, use the DNS console, and select master server as the applicable server, then in secondary zone treyresearch.net Properties, view the settings on the Zone Transfers tab. Based on the settings you choose, make any configuration adjustments there (or possibly in the Name Servers tab) so that a zone transfer can be made to this server.
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Same file Access to a type that is in the same file is determined at compile time (sometimes referred to as early bound) . The type is loaded out of the file directly, and execution continues . Different file, same assembly The runtime ensures that the file being referenced is, in fact, in the assembly s FileRef table of the current assembly s manifest . The runtime then looks in the directory where the assembly s manifest file was loaded . The file is loaded, its hash value is checked to ensure the file s integrity, the type s member is found, and execution continues . Different file, different assembly When a referenced type is in a different assembly s file, the runtime loads the file that contains the referenced assembly s manifest . If this file doesn t contain the type, the appropriate file is loaded . The type s member is found, and execution continues .
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In the Language Preference dialog box, click Add. Click OK.
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Windows loaded the driver but cannot find the device. This error occurs with legacy devices because Plug and Play cannot detect them. Use Device Manager to uninstall the driver and then use the Add Hardware Wizard to reinstall it. Restart the computer.
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Using a variable to calculate a score for the lead, based on a set of prequalification questions. Using prompt and response pages to collect additional information about the lead. Using the Assign Value action to update a lead score field. Using conditions to determine whether the lead record should be worked on through the initiation of a child workflow or deactivated.
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Individual Statements
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To fully demonstrate the workings of XML DiffGrams, nothing is better than taking a DataSet object, entering some changes, and seeing how the corresponding DiffGram representation varies. For this purpose, I created the DiffGram Viewer Windows Forms application, shown in Figure 10-3. The application is available in this book's sample files.
tended power outages, including our of ce, thanks to the regular extended outages that the weather here causes. The results of having an auxiliary generator have been rather mixed, however. The one lesson we ve learned the hard way is that simply buying and installing an auxiliary generator will do little, if anything, to keep you up and running when the power goes out. Generators are complex mechanical and electrical machines that require specialized expertise and consistent, conscientious processes and maintenance. If your situation requires an auxiliary generator to supplement your UPSs, you should carefully plan your power strategy to ensure that your generator has suf cient clean load capacity to provide the power your network will require in the event of a long-term power outage. Make sure you have a suf cient fuel source to power the generator for as long as you reasonably expect to have power out.
Page 76 ply alternative lighting. You might also discover that the site is noisy, or too busy, or undesirable for some other reason. If you do have the ability to choose a recording site, considering the following topics can help you choose a site that will accommodate your particular recording needs. Accessibility One consideration is the accessibility of the recording location to you and other people who will be working on the video. A location might seem ideal, but the lack of accessibility to the location might make the site impractical. For example, if you choose a location that is remotely located, people might need to coordinate transportation and travel time. Try to estimate how long it will take to put your recording equipment together (including lighting, props, and any additional cameras and microphones) and to pack it up again. For example, if you are recording in a building that has several floors, and you need to make several trips upstairs in order to get all your recording materials unloaded and set up, your set-up and clean-up time will probably be substantial. Budget Budget constraints can often determine the types of video and audio you record, and can play a role in your overall presentation. You might be restricted in the amount of money you have to buy or rent recording equipment (for example, a video camera, tripod, lighting, external microphone, and so forth). If this is the case, you need to plan your video and its content around these circumstances. In addition, you may also need to determine how much you will spend on the other aspects of the video, such as the salaries of the actors and any other people who are helping you to record the video footage. Availability Another aspect to consider when choosing a recording location is the availability of the site. For example, if you have a conference room in which you plan to record but that room is used throughout the day and is difficult to schedule, you might want to consider an alternative conference room or another location. Scheduling may be difficult in some places and easier on others. If a location has limited availability, scheduling a location can be another important consideration to make before recording. Some locations, such as a professional recording studio, might need to be reserved days, or perhaps weeks, in advance. By scheduling in advance when necessary, you can prevent the problem that arises when you are ready to record the video and you cannot use that location.
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public interface ISerializationSurrogate { void GetObjectData(Object obj, SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context); Object SetObjectData(Object obj, SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context, ISurrogateSelector selector); }
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you to build an assembly name and to obtain the various parts of an assembly s name . The class offers several public instance properties, such as CultureInfo, FullName, KeyPair, Name, and Version . The class also offers a few public instance methods, such as GetPublicKey, GetPublicKeyToken, SetPublicKey, and SetPublicKeyToken .
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