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An ordered covering nonclustered index scan is similar in concept to an ordered clustered index scan, with the former performing the access method in a nonclustered indextypically when covering a query. The cost is of course lower than a clustered index scan because fewer pages are involved. For example, the PK_Orders index on our clustered Orders table happens to cover the following query, even though it might not seem so at first glance: SELECT orderid, orderdate FROM dbo.Orders ORDER BY orderid;
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Set Theory and Predicate Logic
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Answer to first multiple choice question in survey C D A E D C C B A E D
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As discussed in 3, you have a number of options when it comes to laying out your Silverlight application. Although these layout controls can be added manually, Expression Blend offers a visual option. In this section, you will look at how Expression Blend can be used to easily work with the Grid layout control.
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Quick Check
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Design Point: Configuring the VPN Router
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Retrieving a single object is fairly easy, and you ll find yourself doing that frequently in a common Web application. Yet, in most cases you ll be getting a list of objects before you decide to retrieve the particular details of a single entity (since most likely you won t have previous knowledge of the database identifiers). Hibernate provides a myriad of ways to retrieve a collection of persistent objects from the database. This flexibility can be a source of confusion for new users of Hibernate. In this section I will attempt to give you an overview of the available APIs in Hibernate used for querying your application persistent object space.
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Dashboard Properties In the Dashboard Properties dialog box, which displays when you click the Dashboard Properties button, you can change the Name and the Description of the dashboard. Edit Components The Edit Component dialog box allows you to make changes to the properties of the component that control how the component displays to the end user. The component properties of IFrames and web resources bring up the same dialog boxes as described previously when we introduced IFrames and web resources. The properties for list and chart components allow you to change the format from what you can control when inserting the component. These options are the same as those available when adding a sub-grid to a form, which we reviewed in 7.
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SELECT Cur.orderyear, Cur.numcusts AS curnumcusts, Prv.numcusts AS prvnumcusts, Cur.numcusts - Prv.numcusts AS growth FROM (SELECT YEAR(orderdate) AS orderyear, COUNT(DISTINCT custid) AS numcusts FROM Sales.Orders GROUP BY YEAR(orderdate)) AS Cur LEFT OUTER JOIN (SELECT YEAR(orderdate) AS orderyear, COUNT(DISTINCT custid) AS numcusts FROM Sales.Orders GROUP BY YEAR(orderdate)) AS Prv ON Cur.orderyear = Prv.orderyear + 1;
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Open Visual Studio and create a new ASP.NET Empty Web Site project called WorkingWithsitenavigation by using your preferred programming language. Add a site map file to the website by right-clicking the project in Solution Explorer and selecting Add New Item. Select the Site Map item from the Add New Item dialog box. Leave the name of the file as Web.sitemap. Add a set of <siteMapNode> elements to the site map. Each node should represent a page in your fictitious customer service application. Your site map XML file should look as follows.
<Canvas Height="261" Width="439"> <Button Height="101" Width="110" Canvas.Left="101" Canvas.Top="82.5" Content="Button"/> </Canvas>
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By default, Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables queues for all activity entities and the Case entity. However you can also enable queues for other entities in the entity editor. To do so, select the Queues check box on the General tab of the Entity form, as shown in Figure 2-28.
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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After you have broken up an idea into smaller pieces across a set of Explanation headlines in the story template, building a chart across the corresponding series of Explanation slides is an effective way to illustrate your ideas if you are describing quantitative information. With the sequence of headlines in place in the storyboard, you ll know exactly what you want to communicate before you start building the chart. Again, this is where the wording of the headlines in the story template will de ne what you sketch. Build a chart across a series of Explanation slides if the headlines contain speci c quantitative explanation, such as The industry average returns are 20% and Your average returns are 10% and then We can help you close the gap. If your headlines don t explain a chart but you would like them to do so, return to the story template to see how to revise the headlines to make the chart work.
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