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As you can see in Listing 7-5, when the page is loaded, the Page_Load event handler is called. If IsPostback returns True, the label text is changed to report the value of __EVENTTARGET and _EVENTARGUMENT. When the PostLink control is clicked, the page shown in Figure 7-3 is returned to the browser.
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The start parameter identifies the method that the dedicated thread will execute, and this method must match the signature of the ParameterizedThreadStart delegate .6
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Pivoting Attributes
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10, Presentation Solutions That Pack a Punch, describes the technical aspects involved here . 6 deals only with the backgrounds and strategies . Read and evaluate the steps that ultimately led to this display variant that (like almost all of the solutions presented in this book) is based on a realistic scenario .
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System.Object System.String
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Part III
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A. Set the AutoPostBack property to true. B. Add JavaScript code to call the ForcePostBack method. c. Set the PostBackAll property of the webpage to true. D. Add server-side code to listen for the click event from the client.
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C++ Example of Using One Variable for Two Purposes Bad Practice
For more about working with shared notebooks and hosting live sharing sessions, see Sharing Your Notes with Others, later in this chapter. To learn more about the new table features, see the Use Drawing Tools and Tables section.
The SqlDataSource control can also be configured to use parameters for Select, Insert, Update, Filter, and Delete commands. This is done by defining parameters inside your SQL statements by using the @ param syntax. You then map parameter values to these parameter definitions by using parameter declarations. As an example, suppose that you are creating a SqlDataSource control to return products based on their category ID. The category ID will be passed to the page as a value from the query string. You can define this parameter inside the SelectParameters collection as a QueryStringParameter. The following shows the markup of this example.
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