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The business objects with which you work will undoubtedly define methods that take parameter values. These parameters might define a filter on the data or indicate values to be used when inserting or updating data. Fortunately, you can use the ObjectDataSource to map various pagelevel elements to parameters to be passed to your objects. There are multiple sets of parameters you can define for an ObjectDataSource. These sets include Select, Insert, Update, Delete, and Filter parameters. These parameters work in conjunction with the method of the same name. For example, the <SelectParameters> set works with the method defined by the SelectMethod attribute. The source of a parameter s value can come from multiple places in your page or site, including Cookie, Control, Session, QueryString, Form, or Profile objects. These options make defining and mapping a data source an easier task. You can also define the source value in code. As an example, suppose that you have a business object name Customer. Assume that this object contains the GetCustomersByCity method, which takes a city value as string. The method then returns a list of customers for the specified city parameter. Now suppose that
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Figure 7 5. Our stick man with a round head
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After examining this information, the shim loads the corresponding CLR version. If safemode is set to false (the default), the shim loads the most recently installed version of the CLR that is compatible with the version the application wants. Microsoft determines which versions of the CLR are compatible with other versions by creating some registry settings. You can see the CLR version policy settings by examining the values under the following registry subkey:
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The library provides an important class called Type. The Type class represents a typing system for JavaScript. It is the key class that enables you to have namespaces, classes, enumerations, and things like that. The class sits inside the Global namespace. You use the registerNamespace method of the Type class to define a namespace. This is typically done at the top of your class file. You then use the namespace you define here throughout your class definition to add classes, enumerations, and so forth. The following line of code shows an example.
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Abnormal loop-with-exit Loops
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Figure 7-21. Tacos in TechConf
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To create a remote access policy for L2TP/IPSec VPN connections
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Part II Designing Types
Split Array
This line contains several statements that could logically be separated onto lines of their own. One argument in favor of putting several statements on one line is that it requires fewer lines of screen space or printer paper, which allows more of the code to be viewed at once. It s also a way to group related statements, and some programmers believe that it provides optimization clues to the compiler. These are good reasons, but the reasons to limit yourself to one statement per line are more compelling:
7. Strings and Regular Expressions
A classic relational division problem is to return orders that contain a certain basket of products say, products 2, 3, and 4. You use a pivoting technique to rotate only the relevant products into separate columns for each order. Instead of returning an actual attribute value, you produce a 1 if the product exists in the order and a 0 otherwise. Create a derived table out of the pivot query, and in the outer query lter only orders that contain a 1 in all product columns. Here s the full query, which correctly returns orders A and B:
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