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public static String Format(Type enumType, Object value, String format) { // Does the enumerated type have an instance of
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DesignPolicy GPO.
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would want to tear down the link For example, no one is in the office and I m worried about security breaches; or I have two sites I m servicing, and one is in New York and the other in India. If the answer is no, you should consider using a persistent link between the sites. Using a persistent link reduces overhead in administration, reduces the need for extensive deploy ment and management of complex demand-dial filters, and reduces the log ging and auditing needed to maintain the link. Finally, if you are using dynamic routing, it reduces flapping of the link and has less effect on the dynamic routing protocols.
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StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(); String s = sb.AppendFormat("{0} {1}", "Jeffrey", "Richter"). Replace(' ', '-').Remove(4, 3).ToString(); Console.WriteLine(s); // "Jeff-Richter"
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// selection in an if statement
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Sometimes when I run this code, I get the following output since I can t control how Windows schedules the two threads:
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When builds are queued they are queued on a speci c build agent selected by the person queuing the build. They can scroll through each build agent to nd the one with the shortest queue, but with a large number of build agents this can take time. A project has been published on CodePlex that can move builds from one build agent to an idle build agent to make the best use of the available build agents. This project consists of a very simple command-line utility built using the Team Build API discussed in 11, Team Build Deep Dive, called TeamBuildLoadBalancer.exe, which takes the Team Foundation Server URL and an optional list of Team Projects as command-line arguments. To set up the Team Foundation Build Load Balancer, do this: 1. Download the latest release from the CodePlex site http://www.codeplex.com/ teambuildloadbalance. 2. Follow the installation instructions provided in the release. 3. Create a scheduled task to run TeamBuildLoadBalancer.exe passing the Team Foundation Server URL; for example, TeamBuildLoadBalancer.exe http://TFSRTM08:8080/. 4. If you d like only selected Team Projects to be balanced, you can append these to the command-line, for example, TeamBuildLoadBalancer.exe http://TFSRTM08:8080/ HelloWorldProject. 5. You can schedule the load balancing to occur as frequently as you like; the more often it runs, the shorter the delay until queued builds are moved to idle build agents. 6. The account that the scheduled task runs as must be a member of the Build Services security group in each Team Project that it load balances builds for. When the scheduled task executes, the following process will occur: 1. The Team Build Load Balancer will iterate through each of the speci ed Team Projects (or all of them if none has been speci ed). 2. It will then iterate through each build agent con gured for the Team Project. 3. If the build agent is idle, then it will nd the earliest queued build on any build agent; it will then queue a build with identical settings on the idle build agent, and then cancel the originally queued build. 4. Any errors are logged to the event log on the machine running the scheduled task.
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<%@ Import Namespace="System.Web.Security " %> <%@ Page ClientTarget="Downlevel" %> <html> <script language="VB" runat=server> Sub ValidateBtn_OnClick(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) If (Page.IsValid) Then Msg.Text = "Page is Valid!" Else Msg.Text = "Page is InValid!" End If End Sub </script>
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The first time an object of any CriticalFinalizerObject-derived type is constructed, the CLR immediately JIT-compiles all of the Finalize methods in the inheritance hierarchy . Compiling these methods upon object construction guarantees that the native resource will be released when the object is determined to be garbage . Without this eager compiling of the Finalize method, it would be possible to allocate the native resource and use it, but not to get rid of it . Under low memory conditions, the CLR might not be able to find enough memory to compile the Finalize method, which would prevent it from executing, causing the native resource to leak . Or the resource might not be freed if the Finalize method contained code that referred to a type in another assembly, and the CLR failed to locate this other assembly . The CLR calls the Finalize method of CriticalFinalizerObject-derived types after calling the Finalize methods of non CriticalFinalizerObject-derived types . This ensures that managed resource classes that have a Finalize method can access CriticalFinalizerObject-derived objects within their Finalize methods successfully . For example, the FileStream class s Finalize method can flush data from a memory buffer to an underlying disk with confidence that the disk file has not been closed yet . The CLR calls the Finalize method of CriticalFinalizerObject-derived types if an AppDomain is rudely aborted by a host application (such as Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft ASP .NET) . This also is part of ensuring that the native resource is released even in a case in which a host application no longer trusts the managed code running inside of it .
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Lesson 2: Creating Client Scripts with the Microsoft AJAX Library
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// The current position in the buffer int iCurr = 0 ; // A temporary value holder. This holder keeps the stack usage // to a minimum. DWORD64 dwTemp ; iCurr += BSUGetModuleBaseName ( GetCurrentProcess ( ) , NULL g_szBuff BUFF_SIZE , , ) ;
Part II Solutions
FigURE 8-24 The Add Dialog setup pages.
Figure 9-21
Downloading Web Pages
The CoreInitializeWorkspace target then creates a new workspace by calling the CreateWorkspaceTask task. This task will create a workspace with the name de ned by the WorkspaceName property, comment de ned by the CreateWorkspaceTaskComment property, and mappings de ned by the build de nition. This task then returns WorkspaceName and WorkspaceOwner properties that are used later in the build process. For example, to set the workspace s comment you would add the following to TFSBuild.proj:
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