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The formula for computing loan payments is complicated and fairly expensive. Putting the information into a table instead of computing it each time would probably be cheaper. How big would the table be The widest-ranging variable is loanAmount. The variable interestRate might range from 5 percent through 20 percent by quarter points, but that s only 61 distinct rates. months might range from 12 through 72, but that s only 61 distinct periods. loanAmount could conceivably range from
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#<FasterCSV::Table mode:col_or_row row_count:4> Rather than importing an array of arrays, when you use headers it creates a FasterCSV::Table object containing a FasterCSV::Row object for each row. FasterCSV::Table provides a number of useful methods (these examples assume csv contains a FasterCSV::Table object, as in the previous example) as follows: csv.to_s returns a string containing the entire table in CSV format. You can use this to rewrite the data back to file. csv.to_a returns the table as an array of arrays, as FasterCSV.read would if you hadn t used the :headers option. csv << can be used to push a new row onto the end of the table (for example, csv << ['Chris', 26, 'male', 'Los Angeles']). csv.headers returns an array of the header row. csv.delete('Name') removes the Name column from every row. csv.delete(n) deletes the nth row. csv[n] returns the nth row. csv.each iterates through each row using a code block.
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C# Associativity [] . () x++ x-- new typeof checked left to right unchecked (unary)+ (unary)- ! ~ ++ -- (unary)+ (unary)- ! ~ ++ x --x right to left (cast) new (cast) */% */% left to right ++left to right << >> >>> << >> left to right < <= > => instanceof < > <= => is as left to right == != == != left to right & & left to right ^ ^ left to right | | left to right && && left to right || || left to right : : Java: left to right C#: right to left right to left = += -= *= /= %= &= = += -= *= /= %= &= |= ^= <<= >>= >>>= |= ^= <<= >>=
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Building, Packaging, Deploying, and Administering Applications and Types
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functionality applies to > and <, so all the following operators will cause problems: operator <, operator >, operator <<, and operator >>. To keep the XML parser happy, the BuildFunctionComment function in CommenTater ensures the appropriate symbols are substituted (such as & for &). CommenTater is a very useful macro, but one big enhancement would be an excellent addition and teach you a tremendous amount about the IDE object model. The <exception> documentation comment tag is there so that you can document which exceptions a function throws. What I'd like to see is an enhancement that searches the function for any throw statements and automatically adds a new entry for that particular exception type. Of course, you should also do the proper thing and mark any existing <exception> documentation comment tags as needing to be removed when the method no longer throws the exception. Common Debugging Question: Are there any tricks to debugging macros and addins that are written in managed code One of the first things you'll notice about both macro and add-in development is that the Visual Studio .NET IDE eats exceptions like crazy. Although it makes sense for the IDE not to allow any exceptions to percolate up and crash the IDE, the IDE chomps so hard on any unhandled exceptions, you might not even realize you're causing exceptions. When I developed my first macros, I sat for 20 minutes wondering why I could never seem to hit a breakpoint I set. What I end up doing to ensure there are no surprises is to open the Exceptions dialog box, select the Common Language Runtime Exceptions node in the Exceptions tree control, and in the When The Exception Is Thrown group box, ensure Break Into The Debugger is selected. Figure 9-4 shows the proper settings. Probably this will cause you to stop in the debugger a lot more, but at least you won't have any surprises when it comes to your code.
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To configure the primary IAS server computer to read the properties of user accounts in the domain
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The application shown in Figure 8-2 uses the schema we analyzed in the section "The FOR XML EXPLICIT Mode," on page 356, while examining the FOR XML EXPLICIT clause. The application runs the same SELECT command we used in that section and then walks its way through the result set using an XML reader. The information read is used to fill up a treeview control.
The default proxy for all WebRequest instances is configured using the System.Net.GlobalProxySelection class. The WebRequest.Proxy property enables the proxy to be set on a per-request basis, overriding the global default. The following example demonstrates the setting of a default proxy:
Implementing VPNs 10-51
Part II Advanced Features
The query returns all 91 customers. Because there's no distinction between an ON clause and a WHERE clause, I specified both expressions in the WHERE clause separated by the logical operator AND. You have no control over which part of the filter will take place before adding the outer rows and which part will take place afterwards. That's at the sole discretion of SQL Server. By looking at the result, you can guess what SQL Server did. Logically, it applied the whole expression before adding outer rows. Obviously, there's no row in the Cartesian product for which C.CustomerID = O.CustomerID and O.CustomerID IS NULL. So the second phase in query logical processing yields an empty set. The third phase adds outer rows for rows from the preserved table (Customers) with no match. Because none of the rows matched the join condition, all customers are added back as outer rows. That's why this query returned all 91 customers. Bearing in mind that you got this surprising result because both expressions were applied before adding the outer rows, and being familiar with query logical processing, there is a way to "fix" the problem. Remember that there's another filter available to you in a querythe HAVING filter. First write a join query without the filter to isolate outer rows. Even though the rows in the result of the join are unique, group them by all columns to allow the query to include a HAVING clause. Then put the filter that isolates the outer rows into the HAVING clause: SELECT C.CustomerID, CompanyName, OrderID FROM dbo.Customers AS C, dbo.Orders AS O WHERE C.CustomerID *= O.CustomerID GROUP BY C.CustomerID, CompanyName, OrderID HAVING OrderID IS NULL;
Main thread: queuing an asynchronous operation Main thread: Doing other work here... In ComputeBoundOp: state=5
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