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Implementing a Server Asynchronously
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Part II
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Restricting Broadcast Traffic A broadcast is a network message sent from a single computer and distributed to all other devices on the same physical network segment. Broadcasts are resource-intensive because they use up network bandwidth and request the attention of every network adapter and processor on the local network segment. Routers block broadcasts and protect networks from becoming overburdened with unnecessary traffic. Because routers also define the logical limits of subnets, subnet ting a network indirectly allows you to limit the propagation of broadcast traffic in that network.
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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Page view, shown in Figure 2-12. As described earlier, Notes Page view lets you see the on-screen slide above, along with an off-screen notes area that the audience does not see. The second trick of BBP is to always work in Notes Page view after Slide Sorter view, which you ll do starting in 6. There are two speci c reasons to do that, as you ll see next.
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Windows Media Player contains two fields where you can enter information about the artists on a CD . The Album Artist field is used to group individual tracks for a single album and is the one used for the Artist field in the Navigation Pane . The Contributing Artist field allows you to highlight performers on individual tracks . On a compilation CD, for instance, enter Various Artists in the Album Artist field, and then enter the names of individual performers in the Artist field for each track, separating multiple artists with semicolons . On an album that consists of duets with a star artist and various guests, enter the star s name in the Album Artist field . In the Navigation Pane, click Contributing Artist (if this view isn t visible, right-click Library and choose Show More Views) and then use the Search box to find tracks where a favorite performer is a guest; the search will return results for any track where that artist s name is listed in the Contributing Artist field .
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private static void SomeMethod() { // Construct a List that operates on DateTime objects List<DateTime> dtList = new List<DateTime>(); // Add a DateTime object to the list dtList.Add(DateTime.Now); // No boxing // Add another DateTime object to the list dtList.Add(DateTime.MinValue); // No boxing // Attempt to add a String object to the list dtList.Add("1/1/2004"); // Compile-time error // Extract a DateTime object out of the list DateTime dt = dtList[0]; // No cast required }
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writing code in any part of a webpage that needed to be dynamic. In my mind, the single-file coding structure was introduced only to help ease the transition from ASP to ASP.NET. It has little practical use to today s .NET Framework developer. Even if you don t work with a web designer, the code-behind structure is much easier for a web developer to maintain. You can make changes to ASPX pages without seeing code or even recompiling the application. On all but the simplest of webpages, storing code and layout in a single file would be overly cluttered. When you reach 14, Creating Websites with ASP.NET MVC 2, you ll discover that code-behind files aren t always used with model-view-controller (MVC). They re still available, and Visual Studio creates the code-behind file by default, but MVC s separation of presentation and logic limits the amount of code associated directly with ASPX files.
RubyGems is included with Ruby 1.9, but needs to be installed separately on Ruby 1.8, except on Mac OS X. Before the advent of RubyGems, Ruby libraries and applications were distributed in a basic fashion in archive files, or even as source code to copy and paste from the Web. RubyGems makes it easier and more centralized, and also takes care of any prerequisites and dependencies required when installing a library. For example, here s how to install the Ruby on Rails framework: gem install rails
FiguRe 14-1 The University of Wisconsin Madison Department
6. At the command prompt, type nslookup, and then press Enter. If you receive a time-out response, type the command again. You will most likely receive an output similar to this:
Outlook Web Access
Because you booted from the DVD, the Upgrade option is disabled. Click the Custom (Advanced) option to continue with a clean install. The Where Do You Want To Install Windows screen, shown in Figure 2-3, lists all physical disks, partitions, and unallocated space.
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