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Deleting Shortcuts
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A password is of little value if it s easily guessed by an intruder. Obviously, you shouldn t use your name or something equally transparent. However, even a random word provides little security against a determined intruder some hackers use tools that try every word in the dictionary. By observing the following guidelines, you can create a password that s difficult to crack in a reasonable amount of time:
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When an ASP.NET form is submitted, maintaining the state of controls on the form is handled by the .NET Framework. This isn t something you need to specially code or ask for. When a form is submitted and redisplayed, the previous entries are automatically the default entries on the form. For example, Listing 5-7 shows a simple form named StateTest.aspx. Listing 5-7 StateTest.aspx page used to show how form entries are maintained from submission to submission
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In particular, the XmlConvert class will not recognize the first string as a correct date. As for the salary, you'll get a message stating that the input string is not in the correct format. If you had created the XML code programmatically using an XML writer (more on XML writers in 4) and .NET strong types, the XML fragment you're working with would be slightly different, as shown here: <employee> <hired>2001-02-08</hired> <salary>150000</salary> </employee> To be understood in XML, a date must be in YYYY-MM-DD format and a double value should not include any locale-dependent element such as the digit group symbol. If the double value includes a fractional part, use a decimal point to separate it from the integer part. Likewise, XmlConvert recognizes Booleans only if they are expressed as true/false or 1/0 pairs. Note Another aspect that makes the difference between the System. Convert and XmlConvert classes even sharper is the fact that XmlConvert does not support custom format providers. The XmlConvert class works as a translator to and from .NET types and XSD types. When the conversion takes place, the result is rigorously locale independent.
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In this chapter, you learned more about entity customization, specifically around forms. We reviewed how to customize main forms, which are accessed through the web or Outlook clients, along with mobile forms. Within the main form types, each customizable entity form has a body, header, footer, and navigation pane that you can modify. Within the mobile forms, we discussed how to limit the display to only those fields that are critical to your mobile users. Finally, we reviewed how to create and use multiple forms and assign security roles to those forms, all to provide additional enhancements to the user experience.
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Figure 14.5 The custom Publish Wizard Web page. Building a Simple E-service Now that you ve seen the mechanism by which an e-service displays itself in the Publish Wizard, you can move on to writing an e-service that actually publishes a presentation. The e-service you create will still be fairly simple, but will meet the minimum requirements for a complete e-service. The following restrictions will apply: The e-service can only publish presentations that have at least one video clip on the timeline. It displays a single, static user interface page. It publishes using a single, medium-quality audio/video profile. The publishing destination is supplied by the e-service. The only data provided by the user is the presentation name. The e-service will only publish using a new presentation name. No code is provided to overwrite an existing presentation. This e-service is based upon the sample called A Complete Simple E-service and the programming guide topic A Simple E-service, which you can find in the Producer SDK.
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23. Debugging
FIGURE 25-12 Selecting users and groups
Part II Designing Types
Leap year
If your system is able to boot to Windows either normally or in Safe Mode and you suspect that you have disk errors, you should use the full Chkdsk command . For more details, see Making Repairs with the Windows Recovery Environment, 24 .
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