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You use the RadiusX and RadiusY properties to specify the desired radius for the gradient. The default value for each is 0.5. If you specify a value less than this, you will paint more than one circle with the SpreadMethod defining the rendering behavior. If you specify a value greater than 0.5, you effectively zoom the gradient. For example, following is an XAML snippet that defines a RadialGradientBrush with RadiusX and RadiusY set to 0.1 and SpreadMethod not set (so that it defaults to Pad).
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You can then drag it onto the root element of the view, such as the UserControl, and have it set the d:DataContext property. You can also drop sample data collections onto items controls, and Expression Blend will configure the sample data and connect it to the control. Note: XAML sample data files are not compiled into or included in built assemblies. XAML Resource You can create a resource in XAML that instantiates the desired types, and then bind that resource to a DataContext or list control. This technique can be used to quickly create throw-away sample data that is used for editing a data template that would take longer to edit without the sample data.
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Windows Security Fundamentals
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GC.Collect(); GC.WaitForPendingFinalizers(); GC.Collect();
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// One thread executes all the methods sequentially Method1(); Method2(); Method3();
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Visual Studio creates for you . After placing the script manager control on your page, the <body> element in the Source view should look like this:
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The DNS client cache is also called the DNS resolver cache. Whenever the DNS Client ser vice starts, all host-name-to-IP-address mappings contained in a static file named Hosts are preloaded into the DNS resolver cache. The Hosts file can be found in WINDOWS \System32\Drivers\Etc.
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an HTTP request that uses REST
Deploying Stub Zones
Note The | symbol used in || is the pipe symbol, not the letter l or the number 1.
Listing 4 8. Worker thread initialization WorkerThread::WorkerThread(QObject* owner, QuakeListModel& eventModel) : QThread(owner) , mCancelled(false) , mNetManager(0) , mReply(0) , mEventModel(eventModel) { // Initialize the hashtable of tags we seek mXmlTags.append("id"); mXmlTags.append("title"); mXmlTags.append("updated"); mXmlTags.append("summary"); mXmlTags.append("point"); mXmlTags.append("elev"); mXmlTags.append("link"); mNetManager = new QNetworkAccessManager(this); connect(mNetManager, SIGNAL(finished(QNetworkReply*)), this, SLOT(handleNetFinished(QNetworkReply*))); }
The following procedures describe how to con gure the certi cates that you will upload to Windows Azure and the changes you must make to the Web.con g le. These procedures assume that you already have a Windows Azure token. If you don t, see http:// www.microsoft.com/windowsazure/getstarted/ to learn how to do this. To con gure the certi cates 1. In Visual Studio, open the Azure project, such as a-expense. cloud. Right-click the a-Expense.ClaimsAware role, and then click Properties. 2. If you need a certi cate s thumbprint, click Certi cates. Along with other information, you will see the thumbprint. 3. Click Endpoints, and then select HTTPS:. Set the Name eld to HttpsIn. Set the Port eld to the port number that you want to use. The default is 443. Select the certi cate name from the SSL certi cate name drop-down box. The default is localhost. The name should be the same as the name that is listed on the Certi cates tab. Note that the certi cate that is uploaded is only used for SSL and not for token encryption. A certi cate from Adatum is only necessary if you need to encrypt tokens. Note: Both Windows Azure and WIF can decrypt tokens. You must upload the certi cate in the Windows Azure portal and con gure the Web role to deploy to the certi cate store each time there is a new instance. The WIF <serviceCerti cate> section should point to that deployed certi cate. The following procedure shows you how to publish the a-Expense application to Windows Azure. To publish a-Expense to Windows Azure 1. In Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, open the a-expense.cloud solution. 2. Upload the localhost.pfx certi cate to the Windows Azure project. The certi cate is located at [samples-installationdirectory]\Setup\DependencyChecker\certs\localhost.pfx. The password is xyz .
FIGURE 20-15 Selecting Software Installation properties
<p>Item 0: this</p> <p>Item 1: is</p> <p>Item 2: a</p> <p>Item 3: test</p>
In this example, no configuration file would be needed if the JeffTypes assembly files were deployed to a subdirectory called JeffTypes, since the CLR would automatically scan for a subdirectory whose name matches the name of the assembly being searched for . If the assembly can t be found in any of the preceding subdirectories, the CLR starts all over, using an .exe extension instead of a .dll extension . If the assembly still can t be found, a FileNotFoundException is thrown . For satellite assemblies, similar rules are followed except that the assembly is expected to be in a subdirectory, whose name matches the culture, of the application s base directory . For example, if AsmName .dll has a culture of en-US applied to it, the following directories are probed:
Implementing the DAO Pattern with Hibernate
However, to avoid such bugs in the future, it's a good practice to always include the table name or alias for all attributes in a subquery, even when the subquery is self-contained. Had I aliased the ShipperID column in the subquery (as shown in the following code), a name resolution error would have been generated and the bug would have been detected: SELECT ShipperID, CompanyName FROM dbo.Shippers AS S WHERE ShipperID NOT IN (SELECT O.ShipperID FROM dbo.Orders AS O WHERE O.CustomerID = N'LAZYK'); Msg 207, Level 16, State 1, Line 4 Invalid column name 'ShipperID'.
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