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HTML Document Object Model (DOM) objects (implemented using various languages and technologies) . Communicating with HTML DOM objects is particularly useful when building a Microsoft Silverlight application . To make it easier for developers using reflection or communicating with other components, the C# compiler offers you a way to mark an expression s type as dynamic . You can also put the result of an expression into a variable and you can mark a variable s type as dynamic. This dynamic expression/variable can then be used to invoke a member such as a field, a property/indexer, a method, delegate, and unary/binary/conversion operators . When your code invokes a member using a dynamic expression/variable, the compiler generates special IL code that describes the desired operation . This special code is referred to as the payload . At runtime, the payload code determines the exact operation to execute based on the actual type of the object now referenced by the dynamic expression/variable . Here is some code to demonstrate what I m talking about:
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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String Concatenation Using Pivoting
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public static void Main () { using (ThreadIO.BeginBackgroundProcessing()) { // Issue low-priority I/O requests in here (eg: calls to BeginRead/BeginWrite) } }
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Other Gallery2 Plug-Ins
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Adding Images to Your Theme
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C++ Example of Bad Pointer Initialization
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of the files from a referenced assembly must be present . As the client code executes, it calls methods . When a method is called for the first time, the CLR detects the types that the method references as a parameter, a return value, or as a local variable . The CLR then attempts to load the referenced assembly s file that contains the manifest . If the type being accessed is in this file, the CLR performs its internal bookkeeping, allowing the type to be used . If the manifest indicates that the referenced type is in a different file, the CLR attempts to load the necessary file, performs its internal bookkeeping, and allows the type to be accessed . The CLR loads assembly files only when a method referencing a type in an unloaded assembly is called . This means that to run an application, all of the files from a referenced assembly do not need to be present .
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Open the WSAT by selecting Website | ASP.NET Configuration. Click the Application tab to display the application settings. Click the Configure Debugging And Tracing link to open the page shown in Figure 1-10.
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chart, but that are formatted invisibly . You ll also receive help here if you specifically have to select elements that are very close together and therefore can t be selected using the mouse pointer or can only be selected with great difficulty . This might occur when, for convenience sake, you initially include a large number of data series in the chart when you generate the object, then immediately delete quite a few of them again because they re not necessary for the display you want .
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Method/Property Description Gets the URI of the server that the ServicePoint connects to. Address The maximum number of concurrent connections that will be allowed to ConnectionLimit the server. This defaults to the ServicePointManager property DefaultConnectionLimit when the instance is created. ConnectionName Gets the connection name set by the WebRequest that caused the ServicePoint to be created. Only WebRequest objects with the same name can use a single ServicePoint. CurrentConnections Gets the number of connections open to the server. Gets the date and time that the ServicePoint was last used. Any IdleSince ServicePoint objects that are unused for longer than MaxIdleTime are released for garbage collection. Gets the version of HTTP used to communicate with the server. This is ProtocolVersion set automatically based on the response from the server. SupportsPipelining Indicates whether requests will be pipelined over a connection. This is set automatically based on the response from the server.
Troubleshoot Server Services
Note This chart primarily focuses on the evaluation of a development and not on the size . Therefore, you can (and should) adjust the presentable value range to its actually existing limits . If you had to convince an audience using increasing values that were all above 60, you would select a scaling that started at zero .
You now know how to create and run reports, specifically Reporting Services reports, in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We now discuss the options you have to manage reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, including the following report options:
Once the routing protocol is available for configuration in the Routing And Remote Access console, you must enable the protocol on the appropriate network interfaces. You perform this task by right-clicking the new protocol in the console tree and then clicking New Interface on the shortcut menu. After the protocol has been enabled on the appropriate interfaces, you can configure the routing protocol through the protocol properties or the interface properties.
Member Description GetByteCount() Calculates the number of bytes GetBytes would return if passed a specified char array. Takes an array of Unicode characters as an argument and encodes the GetBytes() characters as bytes. Any partial-character sequences at the end of the char array are stored and prepended to the char array provided in the next call to the GetBytes method.
To view a list of parameters, type the command followed by / at a command
Further Information
The code extracts the tenant name and survey name from the URL and passes them to the appropriate action method in the Surveys Controller class. The following code example shows the Display action method that handles HTTP Get requests.
Figure 12-4 A character set table that can be adapted to any font in Excel
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