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To authorize a DHCP server in Active Directory, complete the following steps: 1. Open the DHCP console. 2. In the console tree, select DHCP. 3. From the Action menu, select Manage Authorized Servers. The Manage Authorized Servers dialog box opens. 4. Click Authorize. 5. When prompted, type the name or IP address of the DHCP server to be autho rized, and then click OK. 6. When the Confirm Authorization dialog box appears, click OK again. Click Close in the Managed Authorized Servers dialog box to return to the DHCP console.
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Privileges in Windows Server 2008
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Creating Data Entry Pages
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Click OK and repeat the process for all other logical printers you created for the printer.
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the toolbar on the Components grid. Removing a component will remove the reference of the component from the solution. Deleting a component will remove the component from the system entirely. Be careful not to confuse these options! As a safeguard, Microsoft Dynamics CRM prevents you from deleting system components, but you can delete custom components.
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In the last section of this chapter we ll get into the details of one of the more exciting features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, which allows you to create multiple forms for a single entity, including mobile forms. This powerful feature enables you to display different information about a record to different groups of users by assigning a form to one or more security roles. If a user has access to multiple forms, you can also indicate the default form. To assign a security role to a form, click the Assign Security Roles button in the Home tab of the ribbon on a main form. For mobile forms, click the Assign Roles button in the toolbar of the mobile form editor. In both form types, a list of security roles that can be associated to the form appears in the Assign Security Roles dialog box, shown in Figure 7-21.
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allocation order scan Output: 50, 60, 70, 80, 10, 20, 25, 90, 100, 110, 120,
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Document Creation
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Application Services
Figure 5-4: The loading process of an XmlDocument object. Note that before a new XmlDocument object is loaded, the current instance of the XmlDocument object is cleared. This means that if you reuse the same instance of the XmlDocument class to load a second document, the existing contents are entirely removed before proceeding. 182
Silverlight Control Properties
The number of refactorings that would be beneficial to any specific program is essentially infinite. Refactoring is subject to the same law of diminishing returns as other programming activities, and the 80/20 rule applies. Spend your time on the 20 percent of the refactorings that provide 80 percent of the benefit. Here are some ways you can decide which refactorings are most important.
SELECT country, region, city FROM HR.Employees EXCEPT SELECT country, region, city FROM Sales.Customers;
Lesson Review
public sealed class Rational { // Constructs a Rational from an Int32 public Rational(Int32 num) { ... } // Constructs a Rational from a Single public Rational(Single num) { ... } // Convert a Rational to an Int32 public Int32 ToInt32() { ... } // Convert a Rational to a Single public Single ToSingle() { ... } // Implicitly constructs and returns a Rational from an Int32 public static implicit operator Rational(Int32 num) { return new Rational(num); } // Implicitly constructs and returns a Rational from a Single public static implicit operator Rational(Single num) { return new Rational(num); } // Explicitly returns an Int32 from a Rational public static explicit operator Int32(Rational r) { return r.ToInt32(); }
Once a VPN client successfully establishes a PPTP or L2TP connection, by default any packet sent over the connection is received by the VPN server and forwarded. Packets sent over the connection can include:
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
29. In the New Object User dialog box, type VPNUser1 in the First Name text
Figure 8.1 Starting the Capture Wizard in the New Presentation Wizard. The main benefit of using the Capture Wizard through the New Presentation Wizard is that you can start and create a project by using the New Presentation Wizard, regardless of whether the audio, video, and still images are already stored on your computer. As mentioned in the previous chapter, when you complete the New Presentation Wizard, all the content you capture or select is automatically imported into the current project and added to the timeline. You can then immediately start editing the contents on the timeline to continue working on your new project. This is not true when you start and use the Capture Wizard by clicking Capture on the Tools menu. The video you capture is imported into the current project, but it is not automatically added to the timeline unless you narrate slides with video or audio. Therefore, you must add any other video, audio, or still images to the timeline before you can begin using them in your project. Starting the Capture Wizard through the Tools Menu The Capture Wizard can also be started by clicking Capture on the Tools menu. This launches the same Capture Wizard that is launched through the New Presentation Wizard. However, if you choose to create a new project without using the New Presentation Wizard, this is the method you must use to capture video, audio, or still images to use in your project. As you become more familiar with Microsoft Producer, you may find that you can begin to create a new project more quickly on your own rather than by using the New Presentation Wizard. Figure 8.2 shows how you can start the Capture Wizard by using the Capture command on the Tools menu.
If you re the only person on a project, the only communication path is between you and the customer, unless you count the path across your corpus callosum, the path that connects the left side of your brain to the right. As the number of people on a project increases, the number of communication paths increases too. The number doesn t increase additively, as the number of people increases. It increases multiplicatively, proportionally to the square of the number of people. Here s an illustration:
New Approaches Getting Started
// This class is used by the LinkedList class public class Node { internal Node m_next; // Other members not shown } public sealed class LinkedList { private Node m_head; public void Add(Node newNode) { // The two lines below perform very fast reference assignments newNode.m_next = m_head; m_head = newNode; } }
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