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To test the function, run the following code, which returns an auxiliary table with 10 numbers: SELECT * FROM dbo.fn_nums(10) AS F;
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The next example is completely different from the blood-pressure chart . It is a simplified variant of a real-life example . In this case, we also had a long sequence ; that is, a value chain with even 96 values of eight consecutive years . This data collection was not essential as a whole in this case, but to provide an excerpt of any 12 months . The data pane should always be a freely definable eighth of the entire period . In addition, a specific user requirement had to be fulfilled: the user wanted to freely decide via simple mouse activities also back and forth which calendar month of which calendar year would be the first month of the currently displayed 12-month period .
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I added a SELECT statement to show you the schema collection I am creating . Note that each schema in the collection has its own target namespace, defined in the XMLSCHEMA directive of the FOR XML clause . Therefore, here is the schema collection I created:
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* ERROR at line 3: ORA-00934: group function is not allowed here However, if you think in terms of tuple variables, the problem becomes obvious: the WHERE clause has only a single row as its context, turning the AVG function into something impossible to derive. You can solve this problem in many ways. Listings 8-30 and 8-31 show two suggestions. Listing 8-30. One Way to Find Who Earns More Than the Average Salary select e.empno from employees e where e.msal > (select avg(x.msal) from employees x );
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When you decide what to sketch, it s important that you choose the visual elements that are the best t for an audience. If you re presenting to executives in the nancial industry, as in this example, it might not be a good t to start with a sketch of a full-screen photograph on the Setting slide. A better t would be to sketch the meaningful visuals these executives are more accustomed to seeing charts and graphs. When you sketch a chart that everyone in the audience instantly recognizes (as in the example shown on the lower-left slide in Figure 7-4), you quickly connect with the audience because you re speaking the same visual language.
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While this code is similar to the Hello Joomla template code you created earlier, it includes a number of refinements that make it a true template file. The opening header information including the DOCTYPE and language definitions are critical for proper conformance to the HTML standards. Furthermore, you can see that two style sheet (.css) files are addressed: the Joomla core styles and the custom style sheet you created earlier (Listing 6-3). The style sheets are important, because the <div> elements are used to specify which content will be displayed in each column. In the left column, the left module will display the selection menus. The right or main column will display the main article component. That s it. Your template file is simple but clear. Now you need to create the template s metadata file so Joomla can understand which files comprise the template.
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Figure 6-9 Searching for replication errors
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AfterEndToEnd Iteration
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SET NOCOUNT ON; USE tempdb; IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.T1', 'U') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.T1; CREATE TABLE dbo.T1 ( id INT NOT NULL IDENTITY PRIMARY KEY, val VARCHAR(500) NOT NULL ); GO INSERT INTO dbo.T1(val) VALUES ('100'), ('7,4,250'), ('22,40,5,60,4,100,300,478,19710212'), ('22,40,5,60,4,99,300,478,19710212'), ('22,40,5,60,4,99,300,478,9999999'), ('10,30,40,50,20,30,40'),
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