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// Build the parameters array $params = array (':email' => $email); // Prepare the statement with PDO-specific functionality $result = DatabaseHandler::Prepare($sql); // Execute the query and return the results return DatabaseHandler::GetRow($result, $params); } public static function IsValid($email, $password) { $customer = self::GetLoginInfo($email); if (empty ($customer['customer_id'])) return 2; $customer_id = $customer['customer_id']; $hashed_password = $customer['password']; if (PasswordHasher::Hash($password) != $hashed_password) return 1; else { $_SESSION['hatshop_customer_id'] = $customer_id; return 0; } } public static function Logout() { unset($_SESSION['hatshop_customer_id']); } public static function GetCurrentCustomerId() { if (self::IsAuthenticated()) return $_SESSION['hatshop_customer_id']; else return 0; } /* Adds a new customer account, log him in if $addAndLogin is true and returns customer_id */ public static function Add($name, $email, $password, $addAndLogin = true) { $hashed_password = PasswordHasher::Hash($password);
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Int32 CompareTo(Object object); }
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Listing 3-2. The DEPARTMENTS Table create table ( deptno , dname , location , mgr DEPARTMENTS number(2) not null varchar2(10) not null varchar2(8) not null number(4) );
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screen updating. PL Sign flag Reflects the most significant bit of an instruction result. Set to 0 for positive values, 1 for negative values. Set to 1 if the instruction result is 0. This flag is important for compare instructions. Set to 1 if a binary-coded decimal (BCD) operation generated a carry or a borrow. Set to 1 if the least significant byte of the result contains an even number of bits set to 1. Set to 1 if an arithmetic operation generates a carry or a borrow out of the most significant bit of the result. Also set to 1 on an overflow condition for unsigned integer arithmetic.
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Digression: Important Functions and Formulas
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For more information about WS-Federation Passive Requestor Pro le, see the following: Section 13 of the OASIS Standard speci cation, Web Services Federation Language (WS-Federation) Version 1.2 ws-federation-1.2-spec-os.html#_Toc223175002
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The PIVOT operator essentially allows you to rotate, or pivot, data from a state of groups of multiple rows to a state of multiple columns in a single row per group, performing aggregations along the way. Before I explain and demonstrate the logical steps involved with using the PIVOT operator, examine the following query, which I will later use as the left input to the PIVOT operator: SELECT C.customerid, city, CASE WHEN COUNT(orderid) = 0 THEN 'no_orders' WHEN COUNT(orderid) <= 2 THEN 'upto_two_orders' WHEN COUNT(orderid) > 2 THEN 'more_than_two_orders' END AS category FROM dbo.Customers AS C LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.Orders AS O ON C.customerid = O.customerid GROUP BY C.customerid, city;
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Remote Web Workplace (RWW) 457 Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) 469 Fixing Network Problems 474 Summary 476
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You might nd the ability to query these performance counters in SQL Server useful because you can use query manipulation to analyze the data. As with wait information, you can collect performance counters in a table on regular intervals and then use queries and tools such as PivotTables to analyze the data over time.
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6. Advanced Language Features
Identification = 16154 (0x3F1A)
When you create a writer, its state is set to Start, meaning that you are still configuring the object and the actual writing phase has not yet begun. The next state is Prolog, which is reached as soon as you call WriteStartDocument the first write method you call. After that, the state transition depends primarily on the type of document you are writing and its contents. The writer remains in Prolog state while you add nonelement nodes, including comments, processing instructions, and document types. When the first element node is encountered the document root node the state changes to Element. The state switches to Attribute when you call the WriteStartAttribute method but not when you write attributes using the more direct WriteAttributeString method. (In the latter case, the state remains set to Element.) Writing an end tag switches the state to Content, and when you have finished writing and call WriteEndDocument, the state returns to Start until you start another document or close the writer. Methods of the XmlWriter Class Table 4-3 lists some of the methods that belong to the XmlWriter class. Only methods that are not directly involved with the writing of XML elements are included here. Table 4-3: Nonwriting Methods of the XmlWriter Class Method Description Close Closes both the writer and the underlying stream. The writer can't be used to write additional text. Any attempt would cause an invalid operation exception to be thrown. Flush Flushes whatever is in the buffer to the underlying streams and also flushes the underlying stream. After this method is called, the writer remains active and ready to write more to the same stream. LookupPrefix Takes a namespace URI and returns the corresponding prefix. In doing so, the method looks for the closest matching prefix defined in the current namespace scope.
Boxing and unboxing Value Types
In this code, there is a base class, Base, which is marked only with the SerializableAttribute custom attribute . Derived from Base is Derived, which also is marked with the SerializableAttribute attribute and also implements the ISerializable interface . To make the situation more interesting, you ll notice that both classes define a String field called m_name . When calling SerializationInfo s AddValue method, you can t add multiple values with the same name . The code above handles this situation by identifying each field by its class name prepended to the field s name . For example, when the GetObjectData method calls AddValue to serialize Base s m_name field, the name of the value is written as Base+m_name .
Any version of the .NET Framework, including version 2.0, comes with a redistributable package that includes the ASP.NET engine. The redistributable program is named dotnetfx.exe. When you install it, by default all existing ASP.NET applications are reconfigured to use the version being installed. But this happens only if a few conditions are met. The version of the .NET Framework you are installing must be newer than the version that is currently mapped to each application. It must also be compatible with the version mapped to the application. Two version numbers that differ only by a minor revision and build number are said to be compatible. Versions whose major revision numbers do not match are considered incompatible. ASP.NET 2.0 is perfectly compatible with previous versions because it has a version number of 2.0.xxxx, where xxxx represents the build number. To prevent the remapping of all existing applications to the installing version of the .NET Framework, you should use the /noaspupgrade command-line option with the dotnetfx.exe setup program, as shown here:
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