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6. Update presentation/smarty_plugins/function.load_departments_list.php as highlighted in this code snippet: ... // Manages the departments list class DepartmentsList { /* Public variables available in departments_list.tpl Smarty template */ public $mDepartments; public $mSelectedDepartment; public $mAmazonSelected = false; public $mAmazonDepartmentName; public $mAmazonDepartmentLink; // Constructor reads query string parameter public function __construct() { /* If DepartmentID exists in the query string, we're visiting a department */ if (isset ($_GET['DepartmentID'])) $this->mSelectedDepartment = (int)$_GET['DepartmentID']; else $this->mSelectedDepartment = -1; // Set Amazon department name and build the link for department $this->mAmazonDepartmentName = AMAZON_DEPARTMENT_TITLE; $this->mAmazonDepartmentLink = 'index.php DepartmentID=' . AMAZON_DEPARTMENT_TITLE; // Check if the Amazon department is selected if ((isset ($_GET['DepartmentID'])) && ((string) $_GET['DepartmentID'] == AMAZON_DEPARTMENT_TITLE)) $this->mAmazonSelected = true; } ... 7. Update include/app_top.php to reference the new business tier class by adding the following code at the end of the file: require_once BUSINESS_DIR . 'amazon.php'; 8. Modify the index.php file to load the newly created componentized template: ... // Load department details if visiting a department if (isset ($_GET['DepartmentID'])) { if ((string) $_GET['DepartmentID'] == AMAZON_DEPARTMENT_TITLE) $pageContentsCell = 'amazon_products_list.tpl';
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truly garbage . At this point, the second call to Collect forces another garbage collection, which reclaims all of the memory occupied by the now-finalized objects . For some applications (especially server applications that tend to keep a lot of objects in memory), the time required for the garbage collector to do a full collection that includes generation 2 can be excessive . In fact, if the collection takes a very long time to complete, then client requests might time out . To help these kinds of applications, the GC class offers a RegisterForFullGCNotification method . Using this method and some additional helper methods (WaitForFullGCApproach, WaitForFullGCComplete, and CancelFullGCNotification), an application can now be notified when the garbage collector is getting close to performing a full collection . The application can then call GC.Collect to force a collection at a more opportune time, or the application could communicate with another server to better load balance the client requests . For more information, examine these methods in the .NET Framework SDK documentation . Note that you should always call the WaitForFullGCApproach and WaitForFullGCComplete methods in pairs because the CLR handles them as pairs internally . Finally, the GC class offers two static methods to allow you to determine which generation an object is currently in:
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Configuring the Build Server
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2. How can you configure a stand-alone server named Bing1 to dynamically register an A resource record in the humongousinsurance.com zone without assigning a primary DNS suffix to the computer (Assume that the humongousinsurance.com zone is configured to accept dynamic updates.)
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In the code above, the oa variable is typed as an Object[]; however, it really refers to a String[] . The compiler will allow you to write code that attempts to put a 5 into an array element because 5 is an Int32, which is derived from Object . Of course, the CLR must
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Cooperative Cancellation
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Next, run the following query:
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Contents 25.1 Performance Overview
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architectural design are required on large projects, so the opportunity for errors arising out of those activities is proportionally larger. In some very large projects, however, the proportion of construction errors remains high; sometimes even with 500,000 lines of code, up to 75 percent of the errors can be attributed to construction (Grady 1987). As the kinds of defects change with size, so do the numbers of defects. You would naturally expect a project that s twice as large as another to have twice as many errors. But the density of defects, the number of defects per line of code, increases. The product that s twice as large is likely to have more than twice as many errors. Table 27-1 shows the range of defect densities you can expect on projects of various sizes:
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Canonicalize Paths
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FigURE 8-8 The debugging and tracing options in the WSAT.
Part V
4. 5. 6. 7.
Lesson 1: Exploring Common Server Controls
Coordinating Calendars
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