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B. <authentication mode="Windows" />
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The Repair feature is the same for Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows XP Professional.
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Figure 5-28 shows the four name-checking methods you can select from the Name Checking drop-down list box, and each is described in Table 5-3.
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Figure E-1 shows the network topology for this lab.
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Whenever you build an assembly, the assembly will have references to other strongly named assemblies . This is true because System.Object is defined in MSCorLib .dll, which is strongly named . However, it s likely that an assembly will reference types in other strongly named assemblies published either by Microsoft, a third party, or your own organization . In 2, I showed you how to use CSC .exe s /reference compiler switch to specify the assembly file names you want to reference . If the file name is a full path, CSC .exe loads the specified file and uses its metadata information to build the assembly . As mentioned in 2, if you specify a file name without a path, CSC .exe attempts to find the assembly by looking in the following directories (in order of their presentation here): 1. Working directory . 2. The directory that contains the CSC .exe file itself . This directory also contains the CLR DLLs . 3. Any directories specified using the /lib compiler switch . 4. Any directories specified using the LIB environment variable . So if you re building an assembly that references Microsoft s System .Drawing .dll, you can specify the /reference:System.Drawing.dll switch when invoking CSC .exe . The compiler will examine the directories shown earlier and will find the System .Drawing .dll file in the directory that contains the CSC .exe file itself, which is the same directory that contains the DLLs for the version of the CLR the compiler is tied to . Even though this is the directory where the assembly is found at compile time, this isn t the directory where the assembly will be loaded from at runtime .
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A subject, you will recall, is something that attempts to access an object. The operating system verifies this access attempt by checking the permissions of the object. Very early on, operating system designers realized that it would be very unwieldy to assign permissions to every single
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Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining IP Addressing (1.0)
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5: Advanced Debugger Usage with Visual Studio .NET
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Figure 7-22. Permissions for a new template.
This is similar to the techniques suggested earlier of putting array references and pointer dereferences outside a loop. The results for Java in this case are comparable to the results of using the precomputed table in the first optimization:
Textual Showplans
See Listing 8-3 for a second attempt to find which employees belong to which departments. Because we fixed the ambiguity issue, we get query results, but these results don t meet our expectations. The tuple variables e and d range freely over both tables, because there is no constraining WHERE clause; therefore, the query result we get is the Cartesian product of both tables, resulting in 56 rows. We have 14 employees and 4 departments, and 14 times 4 results in 56 possible combinations. Listing 8-3. The Cartesian Product of Two Tables select d.deptno, d.location, e.ename, e.init from employees e, departments d; DEPTNO -------10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 ... 40 40 40 40 LOCATION -------NEW YORK NEW YORK NEW YORK NEW YORK NEW YORK NEW YORK NEW YORK NEW YORK BOSTON BOSTON BOSTON BOSTON ENAME -------SMITH ALLEN WARD JONES MARTIN BLAKE CLARK SCOTT ADAMS JONES FORD MILLER INIT ----N JAM TF JM P R AB SCJ AA R MG TJA
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Using and Personalizing Internet Explorer
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Unicode, Character Encodings, and UTF-8 Support
24. Refactoring
Consider an example in which a user with the System Administrator security role owns a workflow process, but a non-administrative user manually applies that workflow process through the user interface. Because the process is started manually, Microsoft Dynamics CRM executes the process under the security settings of the non-administrative user, not the user with the System Administrator role. If the workflow process actions require it to delete a record and the non-administrative user does not have permission to delete that record, the deletion step of the workflow process will fail. Therefore, you should confirm that a user has permission to execute all of the steps in a workflow process, including any child workflow steps, if you permit users to run that process manually. On the other hand, when a trigger event automatically starts a workflow process, Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses the security credentials of the process owner. Important The workflow process owner plays a key role because automatically started
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