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5. Data Types
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9 . . Add a button to the page . First, add a line break (<br/>) after the DropDownList . Then, drag a Button from the Toolbox onto the page . The following graphic shows the controls in place:
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For more information about federation and home realm discovery, see Developer s Introduction to Active Directory Federation Services at Also see One does not simply walk into Mordor, or Home Realm Discovery for the Internet at one-does-not-simply-walk-into-mordor-or-home-realm-discoveryfor-the-internet.aspx. For a tool that will help you generate WS-Federation metadata documents, see Christian Weyer s blog at http://blogs.thinktecture. com/cweyer/archive/2009/05/22/415362.aspx. For more information about the ADFS 2.0 claim rule language, see Claim Rule Language at dd807118%28WS.10%29.aspx.
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Do This
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people = { 'fred' => { 'name' => 'Fred Elliott', 'age' => 63, 'gender' => 'male', 'favorite painters' => ['Monet', 'Constable', 'Da Vinci'] }, 'janet' => { 'name' => 'Janet S Porter', 'age' => 55, 'gender' => 'female' } } puts people['fred']['age'] puts people['janet']['gender'] p people['janet']
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Obtaining Help and Support
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s If you encountered issues during the Apache server installation (aside from the firewall blocking), it Tip may be a good idea to correct the problems, and then uninstall and reinstall Apache. This process can save you headaches later, as a repaired installation can sometimes introduce little flaws in the Apache server such that it doesn t execute quite right.
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