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The C# using statement is the equivalent of the Java import statement, and it makes members of the specified namespace available for use without requiring a fully qualified name. When a namespace is imported, all of the members in that namespace are made available; unlike the Java import statement, using does not allow the programmer to specify an individual member to be imported. If two imported namespaces contain members with the same name, the fully qualified names are used to differentiate between the members. C# also provides a mechanism for defining an alias that can be used to represent the namespace portion of the fully qualified member name. However, if an alias is declared for a namespace, members of the namespace cannot be accessed directly using their name and must always be prefixed with the alias. The using statement operates at the namespace level; different namespaces in the same source file can import unique sets of namespaces. Each namespace is free to assign any aliases to the namespaces it imports, irrespective of those declared by other namespaces. An example of namespace usage follows:
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If you hold down the Shift key while right-clicking a file, a Copy As Path command appears on the shortcut menu . This command puts the full path of the selected file, complete with enclosing quote marks, on the Clipboard, suitable for pasting into an e-mail message or other text application .
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Similar to the Button and CheckBox controls, a RadioButton has a ClickMode property that determines what type of user interaction causes the Click event to be raised. This can be Hover, so that just moving the mouse pointer over the selection generates the event; Press, which raises the event when the mouse button is pressed down; and Release, in which the mouse button must be pressed and then released while the pointer is over the option button to generate the event. Also similar to the CheckBox control, you can evaluate the IsChecked property for a particular RadioButton option to see whether it is set.
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Table 11-7. Semantic Prefixes Semantic Prefix c first g i last lim Meaning Count (as in the number of records, characters, and so on) The first element that needs to be dealt with in an array. first is similar to min but relative to the current operation rather than to the array itself. Global variable Index into an array The last element that needs to be dealt with in an array. last is the counterpart of first. The upper limit of elements that need to be dealt with in an array. lim is not a valid index. Like last, lim is used as a counterpart of first. Unlike last, lim represents a noninclusive upper bound on the array; last represents a final, legal element. Generally, lim equals last + 1. Class-level variable The absolute last element in an array or other kind of list. max refers to the array itself rather than to operations on the array. The absolute first element in an array or other kind of list. Pointer
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Sort Manager Employee Path NULL David David Eitan Eitan Eitan Ina Jiru Jiru Aaron Aaron Rita Rita Rita David (1) Eitan (2) Ina (3) Jiru (5) 1 1 1 1 2 3 2 2 2 3 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 5 6 7 4 5 5 4 4 4 4 4 9 11 8 10 10 12 10 13 10 14 pdf417
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Lesson 3 Review
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10. Streams, Files, and I/O public int SimpleInt { get { return o_int; } set { o_int = value; } } public String SimpleString { get { return o_string; } set { o_string = value; } } public virtual void GetObjectData(SerializationInfo p_info, StreamingContext p_context) { p_info.AddValue("int", o_int); p_info.AddValue("string", o_string); } }
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I hope that you won t think that I m entirely opposed to having XML support inside a relational database . I can actually give many examples where it does make sense . First, I have to admit that a schema sometimes is in fact volatile . Think about situations in which you have to support many different schemas for the same kind of event . There are many such cases within SQL Server itself . DDL triggers and extended events are a good example . There are dozens of different DDL events, and each event returns different event information that is, data with a different schema . A conscious design choice was that DDL triggers return event information in XML format via the EVENTDATA() function . Event information in XML format is quite easy to manipulate . Furthermore, with this architecture, SQL Server will be able to extend support for new DDL events in future versions more easily . Another interesting example of internal XML support in SQL Server and proof that Microsoft is practicing what it preaches is XML showplans . You can generate execution plan information in XML format using the SET SHOWPLAN_XML and SET STATISTICS XML statements . Think of the value for applications and tools that need execution plan information it s easy to request and parse it now . You can even force the optimizer to use a given execution plan by providing the XML plan in a USE PLAN query hint . Another place to use XML is to represent data that is sparse . Your data is sparse having many unknown values if some columns are not applicable to all rows . Standard solutions for such a problem introduce subtypes or implement an open schema model in a relational environment . However, a solution based on XML could be the easiest to implement . A solution that introduces subtypes can lead to many new tables . A solution that implements a relational open schema model can lead to complex, dynamic SQL statements . SQL Server 2008 introduces sparse columns and filtered indexes . Sparse columns provide another, non-XML solution for representing attributes that are not applicable for all rows in a table . Sparse columns have optimized storage for NULLs . If you have to index them, you can efficiently use filtered indexes to index known values only; this way, you optimize table and index storage . In addition, you can have access to all sparse columns at once through a column set . A column set is an XML representation of all the sparse columns that is even updateable . However, even with sparse columns, the schema is not dynamic . In addition, using sparse columns limits your solution to SQL Server 2008 only the solution is not portable . In short, I find XML very suitable for dynamic schemas . You could have other reasons to use an XML model . XML inherently supports hierarchical sorted data . This fact makes people wonder whether XML is more appropriate for representing hierarchical data than a relational model . A relational solution that has references among entities is cumbersome . However, a hierarchy can be represented in
As mentioned in the previous section, an interface is a named set of method signatures . Note that interfaces can also define events, parameterless properties, and parameterful properties (indexers in C#) because all of these are just syntax shorthands that map to methods anyway,
Figure 10-4 Iterative data is repeated.
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This example should make the versioning problem obvious to you . If the developer changes the MaxEntriesInList constant to 1000 and only rebuilds the DLL assembly, the application assembly is not affected . For the application to pick up the new value, it will have to be recompiled as well . You can t use constants if you need to have a value in one assembly picked up by another assembly at runtime (instead of compile time) . Instead, you can use readonly fields, which I ll discuss next .
You are the administrator of a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory domain. Your Windows XP client PC has Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack installed. You are currently logged on using your user account while using Microsoft Word to write a report. A user calls and tells you that she has forgotten her password. You want to access Active Directory Users And Computers with your Domain Admin account and change the user s password. What is the recommended procedure A. Log off, and log back on again using your Administrator account. B. Use the Runas command at the command line. C. From the Start menu, select All Programs, point to Administrative Tools, right-click Active Directory Users And Computers, and select Runas. D. From the Start menu, select All Programs, point to Administrative Tools, hold down the Shift key, right-click Active Directory Users And Computers, and select Runas.
The other main option is to track session state by embedding the session ID as part of the request string . This is useful if you think your clients will turn off cookies (thereby disabling cookie-based session state tracking) . Notice that the navigation URL has the session ID embedded in it:
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