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There are cases in which you can t use managed code. For instance, many native Win32 functions require pointers. One of the problems C/C++ programmers often had with Visual Basic was the lack of pointers. Visual Basic .NET still doesn t support pointers, but it does support a similar mechanism called a reference type. Still, in some cases, pointers can come in handy. You might also need to access unmanaged legacy code. In the best of all worlds, all our programs would magically be converted to managed code because of the advantages it offers, but sometimes this isn t possible. So what about the times when you really need a pointer or need to access legacy code For these situations, C# provides a special keyword: unsafe. A method or a section of code can be declared as unsafe, and when compiled using the /unsafe compiler switch, will generate unsafe (unmanaged) code that isn t verifiable by the runtime. In addition to unsafe, C# provides the fixed keyword. During the process of garbage collection, variables are often moved to make more efficient use of memory. If several smaller blocks of free memory are required for a single, larger allocation, the garbage collector can move the blocks to make the single larger block available. Such rearranging would obviously be disastrous for any program that had stored, within unsafe code, a pointer to one of the variables the garbage collector moved. The fixed keyword was added for just this situation. Within a fixed block, the variables referenced will be pinned and won t be movable. After exiting the fixed block, the variables are once again available for the garbage collector to move as required.
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Tips for Using Recursion
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By default, Microsoft Dynamics CRM displays six buttons in the applications area: Workplace, Sales, Marketing, Service, Settings, and Resource Center.
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public interface IAsyncResult { Object AsyncState WaitHandle AsyncWaitHandle Boolean IsCompleted Boolean CompletedSynchronously } { { { { get; get; get; get; } } // Avoid using this } // Avoid using this } // true if the op completed synchronously
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Direct Subordinates
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// Set assembly's culture to Swiss German [assembly:AssemblyCulture("de-CH")]
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Terminal Services UserMode Port Redirector UmRdpService Themes Thread Ordering Server TPM Base Services UPnP Device Host User Profile Service Virtual Disk Volume Shadow Copy WebClient Windows Audio Windows Audio Endpoint Builder Windows Backup Windows CardSpace Windows Color System Windows Connect Now - Config Registrar Windows Defender Windows Driver Foundation User-mode Driver Framework Windows Error Reporting Service Windows Event Collector Themes THREADORDER TBS upnphost ProfSvc Vds VSS WebClient AudioSrv
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One of the big bene ts of using the BBP Story Template is that you can easily see how all of your ideas relate to one another in the Word document. The story template is a particularly effective organizing tool for the Act II scenes because it shows you a visual hierarchy of your ideas. In each column, you write out the headlines in descending order of importance from top to bottom and add columns of information from left to right. But when you send the story template to the storyboard, you lose the template s ability to show you the hierarchy of your ideas. Every slide you see in Slide Sorter view looks as though it carries the same visual weight, and each slide follows the next in an undifferentiated sequence. To be able to quickly see your built-in informational hierarchy in Slide Sorter view and begin to address the need to provide visual cues for working memory, you ll apply custom layouts with special backgrounds that indicate the presentation s organization. These custom layouts will be only temporary while you sketch your storyboard later, in 8, you ll change these custom layouts or apply new ones. Using the BBP Storyboard Formatter, you ll apply a custom layout with a dark gray background to your Call to Action slide, a custom layout with a medium gray background to the Key Point slides, a custom layout with a light gray background to the Explanation slides, and a custom layout with a white background to the remaining Act I and Detail slides.
Subscription Filtering Subscribers may not need to handle every instance of a published event. In these cases, the subscriber can use the filter parameter. The filter parameter is of type System. Predicate<TPayLoad> and is a delegate that is executed when the event is published to determine if the payload of the published event matches the criteria for having the subscriber callback invoked. If the payload does not meet the specified criteria, the subscriber callback is not executed. Frequently, this filter is supplied as a lambda expression, as shown in the following code example.
Figure 11-3 The Manage Accounts page shows all local user accounts that are a member of the Administrators, Users, or Guests groups.
For the Phoenix office VPN connection that is initiated by the Phoenix router, the user account VPN_Phoenix is created with the following settings:
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Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V, formerly called Windows Server Virtualization, is a virtualization platform designed to provide the flexibility through a dynamic, reliable, and scalable platform capabilities. You can also use a single set of integrated management tools to manage both physical and virtual server resources. Hyper-V is included in most Windows Server 2008 licenses, but you may need to download it from Microsoft separately. A full discussion of virtualization is outside the scope of this chapter. But because many branch office situations will benefit from Server Virtualization, you should read more about it on the Web at
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