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Figure 6-3
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Protecting Yourself from Unsafe and Unwanted Software
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Microsoft Intermediate Language
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If the code is good enough, it begins to read at close to the level of intent, encroaching on the comment s explanation of the code s intent. At that point, the comment and the code might become somewhat redundant, but that s a problem few programs have. Another good step for this code would be to create a routine called something like FindCommandWordTerminator() and move the code from the sample into that routine. A comment that describes that thought is useful but is more likely than a routine name to become inaccurate as the software evolves.
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Silverlight Architecture
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The additional nodes under the Test type that aren t mentioned in Table 1-4 .class, .custom, AnEvent, AProperty, and Item identify additional metadata about the type . These nodes don t map to fields or methods; they just offer some additional information
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OutputDebugString ( _T ( "WINDBGCMD: kp;g" ) ) ; ( _T ("WINDBGCMD: .echo \"Stack walk is
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keys, and so on. That means the objects must be secured. This chapter discussed how that happens.
C h a P t e r 6 C La S S e S , O B Je C t S , a N D M O D U Le S
By default, a site map path control returns a string in which all the site map nodes found along the way to the physical path are concatenated using a > separator. Each element is rendered as a hyperlink that points to the corresponding page. The appearance of the control can be customized to some extent using style properties such as CurrentNodeStyle, HoverNodeStyle, RootNodeStyle, and NodeStyle. You can customize the path separator, too, using your preferred colors, font, and style.
Note The fn_varbintohexstr function is undocumented and unsupported . This code converted the binary value 0x4775696E6E657373 to the character string 0x4775696E6E657373 . SQL Server 2008 introduces a new feature that makes such conversions very easy to handle . The CONVERT function now supports the third argument (style) when converting from a character string to a binary value or the other way around . Style 0 is the default, representing the pre-2008 behavior . Styles 1 and 2 introduce new functionality where the hex digits are preserved, but the type is converted . When converting from binary to character, use style 1 if you want the result string to include the prefix 0x, and style 2 otherwise . For example, run the following code to demonstrate both styles:
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