visual basic barcode printing Part II Designing Types in .NET

Render QR Code in .NET Part II Designing Types

Now when a new Rectangle is constructed, what do you think the m_x and m_y fields in the two Point fields, m_topLeft and m_bottomRight, would be initialized to: 0 or 5 (Hint: This is a trick question .) Many developers (especially those with a C++ background) would expect the C# compiler to emit code in Rectangle s constructor that automatically calls Point s default parameterless constructor for the Rectangle s two fields . However, to improve the runtime performance of the application, the C# compiler doesn t automatically emit this code . In fact, many compilers will never emit code to call a value type s default constructor automatically, even if the value type offers a parameterless constructor . To have a value type s parameterless constructor execute, the developer must add explicit code to call a value type s constructor . Based on the information in the preceding paragraph, you should expect the m_x and m_y fields in Rectangle s two Point fields to be initialized to 0 in the code shown earlier because there are no explicit calls to Point s constructor anywhere in the code . However, I did say that my original question was a trick question . The trick part is that C# doesn t allow a value type to define a parameterless constructor . So the previous code won t actually compile . The C# compiler produces the following message when attempting to compile that code: "error CS0568: Structs cannot contain explicit parameterless
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Assign a file mapping to the handler in ASP .NET Assign a file mapping to the handler in IIS Create a simple handler
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Use the Content Library task pane to insert an item in your publication.
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Spatial data support is new to SQL Server 2008, bringing new data types, operators, and indexes to the database . This chapter is neither an exhaustive treatise on spatial data nor an encyclopedia of every spatial operator that Microsoft SQL Server supports . Instead, this chapter introduces core spatial concepts and provides key programming constructs necessary to successfully navigate this new feature of SQL Server 2008 .
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Therefore, in SQL, the meaning of the two keywords AND and OR must be defined very precisely, without any chance for misinterpretation. You will see the formal truth tables of the AND, OR, and NOT operators in Section 4.10 of this chapter, after the discussion of null values. First, let s experiment with these three operators and look at some examples.
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The C runtime s qsort function takes a callback function to sort elements within an array. In Microsoft Windows, callback functions are required for window procedures, hook procedures, asynchronous procedure calls, and more. In the .NET Framework, callback methods are used for a whole slew of things. For example, you can register callback methods to get a variety of notifications, such as unhandled exceptions, window state changes, menu item selections, file system changes, and completed asynchronous operations. In unmanaged C/C++, the address of a function is just a memory address. This address doesn t carry along any additional information, such as the number of parameters the function expects, the types of these parameters, the function s return value type, and the function s calling convention. In short, unmanaged C/C++ callback functions are not type safe. In the .NET Framework, callback functions are just as useful and pervasive as in unmanaged Windows programming. However, the .NET Framework provides a type safe mechanism called delegates. I ll start off the discussion of delegates by showing you how to use them. The following code demonstrates how to declare, create, and use delegates.
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13 Interfaces
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Figure 2-15
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The Wizard Control s Style Properties
Accept connection with restrictions VLAN, IP-filters, ... RADIUS
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Lesson 1: Creating User Controls
Using Master Pages, Themes, and Caching
using System; using System.IO; class App { static void Main() { // Create the bytes to write to the temporary file. Byte[] bytesToWrite = new Byte[] { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 }; // Create the temporary file. FileStream fs = new FileStream("Temp.dat", FileMode.Create);
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