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This step would not be necessary if the application were deployed in a production environment because it would probably use Windows authentication. Note: WCF federation bindings can handle the negotiations between the active client and the issuers without additional code. You can achieve the same results with calls to the WIF s WSTrustChannel class.
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Enable a Web page to use WebPart controls Add various editing capabilities to a Web Parts page Add a place in which to position server-side controls to be managed by the Web Part architecture Allow users to dynamically add controls from a collection of controls Create a Web Part
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Note The astute reader might catch the fact that this de nition of < is problematic because
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Click Next to select the correct driver. You can choose from a list of drivers available in the Windows Vista driver store (see Figure 5-11). This list should include any drivers you installed by running a setup program. If you have downloaded a printer driver that doesn t include a setup program, click Have Disk and browse to the correct location. If you don t have a driver, or if you suspect a more recent version might be available, click Windows Update to check Microsoft s collection of updated, signed drivers; after the update is complete, check the list again to see if your printer model is available.
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Navigating to Existing Views It may be more appropriate for the views in your application to be reused, updated, or activated during navigation, instead of being replaced by a new view. This is often the case when you are navigating to the same type of view but need to display different information or state to the user, or when the appropriate view is already available on the UI but needs to be activated (that is, selected or made top-most). For an example of the first scenario, imagine that your application allows the user to edit customer records by using the EditCustomer view, and the user is currently using that view to edit customer ID 123. If the customer decides to edit the customer record for customer ID 456, the user can simply navigate to the EditCustomer view and enter the new customer ID. The EditCustomer view can then retrieve the data for the new customer and update its UI accordingly. An example of the second scenario is where the application allows the user to edit more than one customer record at a time. In this case, the application displays multiple EditCustomer view instances in a tab control for example, one for customer ID 123 and another for customer ID 456. When the user navigates to the EditCustomer view and enters customer ID 456, the corresponding view will be activated (that is, its corresponding tab will be selected). If the user navigates to the EditCustomer view and enters customer ID 789, a new instance will be created and displayed in the tab control. The ability to navigate to an existing view is useful for a variety of reasons. It is often more efficient to update an existing view instead of replacing it with a new instance of the same type. Similarly, activating an existing view, instead of creating a duplicate view, provides a more consistent user experience. In addition, the ability to handle these situations seamlessly without requiring much custom code means that the application is easier to develop and maintain. Prism supports the two existing view scenarios described here via the IsNavigation Target method on the INavigationAware interface. This method is called during navigation on all views in a region that are of the same type as the target view. In the preceding examples, the target type of the view is the EditCustomer view; therefore, the IsNavigation Target method will be called on all existing EditCustomer view instances currently in the region. Prism determines the target type from the view URI, which it assumes is the short type name of the target type. Note: For Prism to determine the type of the target view, the view s name in the navigation URI should be the same as the actual target type s short type name. For example, if your view is implemented by the MyApp.Views.EmployeeDetailsView class, the view name specified in the navigation URI should be EmployeeDetailsView. This is the default behavior provided by Prism. You can customize this behavior by implementing a custom content loader class. You can do this by implementing the IRegionNavigationContentLoader interface or by deriving from the RegionNavigationContentLoader class. The implementation of the IsNavigationTarget method can use the Navigation Context parameter to determine whether it can handle the navigation request, as shown in the next code example. The NavigationContext object provides access to the navigation
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Managing Network Security
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command, the data flows into the serializer, and an instance of a particular class is returned. Employee emp = LoadEmployeeData(empID); The following code shows the body of the LoadEmployeeData method: private Employee LoadEmployeeData(int empID) { // Create the serializer XmlSerializer ser = PrepareEmployeeTypeSerializer(); // Prepare the connection and the SQL command SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(NWindConnection); SqlCommand cmd = PrepareSqlCommand(empID, conn); conn.Open(); // Execute the command Employee emp = null; XmlTextReader reader = (XmlTextReader) cmd.ExecuteXmlReader(); // Deserialize the incoming data if(ser.CanDeserialize(reader)) emp = (Employee) ser.Deserialize(reader); else Console.WriteLine("Cannot deserialize"); // Clean-up reader.Close(); conn.Close(); return emp; } The serializer is tailor-made for the Employee class shown here: public class Employee { public string FirstName; public string LastName; public string Position; public DateTime Hired; } The SQL command used in our example is shown here: SELECT firstname, lastname, title, hiredate FROM employees 412
section if you missed the explanation of this key point.
By Tibor Karaszi, SQL Server MVP
internal sealed class SimpleType : IDisposable { public void Dispose() { Console.WriteLine("Dispose"); } }
The .Other .Administration .Tabs
You can view or edit the registry s actual locations or its virtual keys; the results are identical. The HKCR and HKCU keys are generally more convenient to use.
Using Group Policy Preferences for Windows
} } Get the page size for this computer while not done { Look for the first entry in the temporary .SWS file that has an address If I looped through each address { done = TRUE break } If this entry has an execution count of zero { done = TRUE break } if this entry's size is less than the remaining page size { Output the entry's function name to the PRF Zero out the address so I don't use this one again Subtract this entry size from the remaining page remaining size } else if this entry's size is greater than a page size { Punt and just write out the address to the PRF as there's nothing I can do Reset the page amount remaining to the page size } else { // This entry is too big to fill into the page 690
Personal Test Records
FIGURE 8-31 More Detail slides with a logo, a photograph, and screen captures added.
<Column Name="phone" Type="System.String" DbType="Char(12) NOT NULL" CanBeNull="false" /> <Column Name="address" Type="System.String" DbType="VarChar(40)" CanBeNull="true" /> <Column Name="city" Type="System.String" DbType="VarChar(20)" CanBeNull="true" /> <Column Name="state" Type="System.String" DbType="Char(2)" CanBeNull="true" /> <Column Name="zip" Type="System.String" DbType="Char(5)" CanBeNull="true" /> <Column Name="contract" Type="System.Boolean" DbType="Bit NOT NULL" CanBeNull="false" /> <Association Name="author_titleauthor" Member="titleauthors" ThisKey="au_id" OtherKey="au_id" Type="titleauthor" /> </Type> </Table>
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