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Use Denso QR Bar Code in .NET Part II Designing Types

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SSL VPN SSL-enabled e-mail with Microsoft SSL-enabled Terminal Services Outlook Web Access
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Figure 13-5. The view_all action showing some test items from your entries table Let s take a look at what the code in your new action and view does. When you request http://localhost:3000/entries/view_all, the view_all method in the entries controller is run: def view_all @entries = Entry.all(:order => 'created_at DESC') end
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25 Thread Basics
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The Windows Vista setup program performs various performance tests as one of the last steps in the installation process, and if your graphics hardware meets certain requirements, it enables the full Aero user interface on your system. In a nutshell, the graphics requirements for Aero are:
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To use IRC, it s necessary to download and install an IRC client onto your computer, which allows you to get onto the real-time IRC channels. Although the installation of this software is beyond the scope of this book, I d recommend the following clients for Windows, Linux, and OS X: Windows: mIRC ( Mac OS X: LimeChat ( LimeChat was written using Ruby it s a great demonstration of a Ruby-powered GUI app. Linux/UNIX: XChat ( or Irssi (
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Software architecture: Section 3.5 THIS CHAPTER DISCUSSES THE QUESTION of performance tuning historically, a controversial issue. Computer resources were severely limited in the 1960s, and efficiency was a paramount concern. As computers became more powerful in the 1970s, programmers realized how much their focus on performance had hurt readability and maintainability, and code tuning received less attention. The return of performance limitations with the microcomputer revolution of the 1980s again brought efficiency to the fore, which then waned throughout the 1990s. In the 2000s, memory limitations in embedded software for devices such as telephones and PDAs, and the execution time of interpreted code have once again made efficiency a key topic. You can address performance concerns at two levels: strategic and tactical. This chapter addresses strategic performance issues: what performance is, how important it is, and the general approach to achieving it. If you already have a good grip on performance strategies and are looking for specific code-level techniques that improve performance, move on to the next chapter. Before you begin any major performance work, however, at least skim the information in this chapter so that you don t waste time optimizing when you should be doing other kinds of work.
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--- !ruby/object:Person age: 45 name: Fred Bloggs - !ruby/object:Person age: 23 name: Laura Smith You use YAML::dump to convert your Person object array into YAML data, which, as you should agree, is extremely readable! YAML::load performs the operation in the other direction, turning YAML code into working Ruby objects. For example, let s modify the YAML data a little and see if it translates back into working objects: require 'yaml' class Person attr_accessor :name, :age end yaml_string = <<END_OF_DATA --- !ruby/object:Person age: 45 name: Jimmy - !ruby/object:Person age: 23 name: Laura Smith END_OF_DATA test_data = YAML::load(yaml_string) puts test_data[0].name puts test_data[1].name
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Source: Research Studies of Programmers and Programming (Bairdain 1964, reported in Boehm 1981).
14 rows selected. DEPARTMENTS DEPTNO -----10 20 30 40 DNAME ---------ACCOUNTING TRAINING SALES HR LOCATION MGR -------- ----NEW YORK 7782 DALLAS 7566 CHICAGO 7698 BOSTON 7839
You can see the similarity between some of these methods and the programming interface of the Roles class. This is not coincidental it s the intention of using patterns in the new ASP.NET 2.0 provider data model. You can select any provider and still have your high-level code work. You can manipulate any data store without being an expert in that syntax. ASP.NET ships with two built-in role providers AccessRoleProvider (default) and SqlRoleProvider. The former stores role information in a new table in the familiar AspNetDb.mdb file; the latter uses a SQL Server table. You can register a custom role provider by using the child <providers> section in the <roleManager> section:
n this appendix, you ll learn how to install Apache 2.2 PHP 5.1 and the extra modules required for this book PostgreSQL 8.1
Circular Charts
User-defined functions can be embedded in queries, constraints, and computed columns . This capability allows you to enhance the functionality of your queries while still preserving a high level of readability and simplicity . SQL Server 2008 supports .NET integration and the ability to create functions with CLR code . You can create both scalar and table-valued CLR UDFs . Remember to use CLR UDFs wisely . They are especially good for tasks that T-SQL is not built to cope with efficiently, including procedural logic, complex calculations, string manipulation, and so on . On the other hand, .NET code should not be the choice when the task mainly involves set-based data manipulation . T-SQL will typically be simpler and perform much better for such tasks . Page 64 Wednesday, June 9, 2004 5:24 PM
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