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In SelfValidation attributes within a class. You add the Ruleset parameter to
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Defining Styles at the Application Level
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ReadFile then calls into the Windows kernel by having your thread transition from native/
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Working with Writing Tools and Pen Modes
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Java and .NET both encapsulate the details of a type in a single class: Java relies on java.lang.Class, and .NET defines System.Type. The following sections describe how to obtain System.Type instances.
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Continuous integration (CI) is a set of practices from the agile community that provides early warning of bugs and broken code. By building and testing each changeset that has been checked-in, any issues can be identi ed and resolved quickly, minimizing the disruption caused to other developers. When Team Build 2005 was released, many saw the lack of an out-of-the-box CI capability as a huge oversight, especially given its popularity at the time. Microsoft recti ed this oversight in Team Build 2008 by adding two CI triggers that remove the need to rely on third-party CI solutions. The rst is the Build Each Check-in (More Builds) trigger, which causes each check-in to the build de nition s workspace to queue a new build.
FieldInfo ConstructorInfo MethodInfo PropertyInfo EventInfo
The TargetBatching01 target creates batches with the Server.Name property. This is due to the attribute Outputs= %(Server.Name) being present. When we execute this target we would expect that it is executed once for each unique value for Server.Name. Since each name value is de ned as being unique we should see this target executed four times. The result is shown in Figure 6-9.
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A placeholder for no flags specified . Use this flag when you don t want to specify any of the flags listed in the remainder of this table . Return members matching specified string regardless of case . Return only members of the reflected type, ignoring inherited members . Return instance members . Return static members . Return public members . Return non-public members . Return static members defined by base types .
Figure 2 7. Hotspot controls.
I ve occasionally seen a very tricky programming error involving subqueries, and I ve even had the misfortune to introduce into production code myself. I ll rst describe the bug and then make recommendations for how you can avoid it. To demonstrate the bug, I use a table called Sales.MyShippers that you create and populate in the InsideTSQL2008 database by running the following code:
using System; class App { static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("Max entries supported in list: " + Component.MaxEntriesInList); } }
Understanding TCP/IP
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