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Monitoring Workflow Processes
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Lesson Summary
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To understand the efficiency of the ranking functions in SQL Server 2005, examine the execution plan shown in Figure 4-5, which was generated for this query.
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Appendix C
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Saves waiting for full formatting but is not recommended on new disks because no veri cation pass is performed. Only an option if the allocation unit size is less than 16 KB. And never recommended.
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CustomerName Address CityId FK1 EmployeeId
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Table 2-1. Tunneling Protocol Comparisons L2TP/IPSec Encryption strength Traverses NATs IETF standards status Gateway Compatibility VPN protocol Extensible Authentication Protocol 3DES Future Proposed standard Most major VPN gateways Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003. Microsoft has also confirmed interoperability with VPN products from ActiveLane and Enterasys With the inclusion of the NAT-T client for Windows 98, Windows Me (Mille nium Edition), Windows NT 4.0, or with Quick Fix Engi neering (QFE) for Windows 2000 or Windows XP . PPTP 128-bit RC4
6 Type and Member Basics
C. Create a Windows installer package. D. Configure Remote Installation Services (RIS) to distribute the software.
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The code sets the TOP option to 5,000, limiting the number of rows affected by the statement to 5,000. An endless loop attempts to delete 5,000 rows in each iteration, where each 5,000-row deletion resides in a separate transaction. The loop breaks as soon as the last batch is handled (that is, when the number of affected rows is less than 5,000). In a similar manner, you can split large updates into batches, as long as the attribute that you are changing is also the attribute that you lter by. For example, say you need to change the value of custid from 55 to 123 wherever it appears in the LargeOrders table. Here s the solution you would use with UPDATE TOP:
Subqueries, Table Expressions, and Ranking Functions
produced tables require a lot of memory and increase the working set, which in turn hurts performance significantly . So, the JIT compiler produced tables contain information for sections of code having loops that do not call other methods . If the method has a loop that calls other methods or if there are no loops, the JIT compiler produced tables do not have much information in them, and hijacking is used to suspend the threads .
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