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Extending the Build Process
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Part III Processes
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Choice of Tunneling Protocols
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Try It Out: Element to Element Binding
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Direct from the Source: Comments
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Boolean and Boolean constructor functions Nodes functions
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Part I CLR Basics
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The light is off Failed to get status from Fan.Speed Error: The fan broke due to overheating The volume is loud
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And here is a class that shows how to use the SimpleSpinLock:
You can design your own rules to tailor the visualizations to your own worksheets. When you choose New Rule from the Conditional Formatting menu, the New Formatting Rule dialog box opens. (If you have applied a conditional formatting rule to the selected range previously, the settings for that rule are displayed by default.) Choose a rule type (for example, Format Only Cells That Contain) and edit the rule description so that the format you want displays when the new rule is applied. Click OK to save and apply the new rule to the selected cells.
Recall that we specified MAX_DISPATCH_LATENCY in our scenario . This is an event session option that we used to make sure that our file is written relatively quickly . In practice, we probably would want the latency value to be higher to even further minimize the impact on production . Updating the file every 10 seconds (or less often) rather than every second is likely to be suitable in this case . In addition, we can specify parameter values for each target . We can also limit the size of the file produced by specifying the max_file_size property (specified in MB) . If not specified, the default is to fill the entire disk . If max_file_size is specified, you can also limit the number of files into which events will roll over via max_rollover_files, and you can control how much space is allocated each time the file grows via an increment property (also specified in MB) . It is important to keep the increment value high enough to avoid unnecessary fragmentation of the file system .
E xErcIsE 2 Hosting the User Control on a Webpage
-- update employeeRecord object
A Potpourri of Hybrid Constructs
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In the previous section, we saw how we could create new loggers by implementing the ILogger interface and extending the Logger abstract class. The only other method to create a new logger is to extend an existing logger. We ll now see how to accomplish this by extending the console logger. The console logger can be used as a basis for various loggers, not just those that log to the console. You may be surprised to nd out that the FileLogger class extends the ConsoleLogger class! Some reasons you should consider extending this class are outlined here.
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