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LISTING .9-1 . A basic web .config file requiring authentication
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One nice shortcut that Expression Blend provides is the way it creates a default tool on the toolbar when you have used a tool from the family of tools. That is, the tool that you just used is displayed on the toolbar so that you don t need to hold down the mouse button, wait for the menu to appear, and then select the tool again to use it the next time. So, for example, in Figure 2-6, the Rectangle is displayed on the toolbar, and when you click it and hold down the mouse button, you see a box displaying the other visual element tools of this type that are available. If you then select the Ellipse and draw with it on the design surface, the toolbar changes to display the Ellipse instead of the Rectangle.
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In ADO.NET, a transaction is initiated via the IDbConnection.BeginTransaction method, which returns an IDbTransaction instance through which all transaction management is performed. Table 16-5 provides a comparison of the classes and methods used to initiate and control transactions in both JDBC and ADO.NET.
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For details on other aspects of 9 comments, see 32, 0 Self-Documenting Code.
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Lesson 1
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Both PPTP and L2TP/IPSec use PPP to provide an initial envelope for the data, and then append additional headers for transport through the internetwork. However, there are the following differences:
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Thinking about the solution you intend to write, answer the following questions.
Loading spatial data Loading spatial data from text files
3 . . Add some images of the state flags so that there s something to animate . Go to the final solution (included on the CD that accompanies this book) and borrow the JPGs of the 50 state flags . From Solution Explorer, right-click the SilverlightAnimation project and click Add, Folder . Name the Folder Images . Right-click the Images folder and click Add, Existing Items . Navigate to the solution for 24 on the CD accompanying the book (the directories are named by chapter), and select all 50 images from the Images folder . These images are JPEG images of all 50 state flags . Including them as part of the project makes them available to be loaded as images . The normal build action for these images is to include them as resources . They will be transported to the client computer . 4 . . Add a class to manage all the state flags . Notice that the names of the flag images follow the pattern <state abbreviation> .jpg . This new class simply contains a list of all the state abbreviations . Right-click the SilverlightAnimation project and click Add, New Item, and then select Class (so that Visual Studio generates the code for a new class) . Name the class States . Visual Studio opens the code in the editor for you . 5 . . Derive the State class from the generic List class, and provide string as the type argument . Then, add the abbreviations for all the states . (If you d like, you can borrow this code from the solution rather than typing in all the state abbreviations .)
FigURE 11-5 Using the Entity Data Model Wizard to create an Entity Framework model of an existing
string xsd = Path.GetFileName(xst.SourceUri); string doc = Path.GetFileName(filename); if (xsd == doc) realValidationType = "Auto.Schema.Inline"; else ")"; } } } return realValidationType; } This code alone is not sufficient to produce the desired effect. It must be used in combination with the main parsing loop, as shown in the following code. The function should be called from within the loop as you read nodes, and at the end loop, you should check for the results. If neither DTD nor XSD has been detected, the document can be validated only through XDR. string valtype = ""; while(reader.Read()) { if (valtype == "") valtype = GetActualValidationType(reader, filename); } // No DTD, no XSD, so it must be XDR... if (valtype == ""&& reader.ValidationType==ValidationType.Auto) 70 realValidationType = "Auto.Schema.Ref ("+ xsd +
internal static class FileAttributesExtensionMethods { public static Boolean IsSet(this FileAttributes flags, FileAttributes flagToTest) { if (flagToTest == 0) throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException("flagToTest", "Value must not be 0"); return (flags & flagToTest) == flagToTest; } public static Boolean IsClear(this FileAttributes flags, FileAttributes flagToTest) { if (flagToTest == 0) throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException("flagToTest", "Value must not be 0"); return !IsSet(flags, flagToTest); } public static Boolean AnyFlagsSet(this FileAttributes flags, FileAttributes testFlags) { return ((flags & testFlags) != 0); }
Assigning Formats with Drawing Tools
The library also allows you to unregister (or remove) events. You do so in a similar manner, by using the remove_<event name> syntax. The following shows an example.
Figure 12-13
Providing a Default Property for Your Custom Web Server Control
This sample builds on a previous example by inserting a new target, PrintCon g2. This target uses the CreateProperty to provide a new value for the Con guration property value. In this declaration, we provide the value Release to the task with the statement <CreateProperty Value="Release">. Then using the Output element we place this value into the Con guration property. Take a look at the result of this in Figure 3-6.
help with automated testing, see the Pex tool created by Microsoft Research: http://research.microsoft.com /en-us/projects/pex/.
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