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Listing 9-4. Creation script for the fn_subordinates1 function
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Market Module (Silverlight Class Library Project) Infrastructure (Silverlight Class Library Project)
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Calling a function that internally performs synchronous I/O puts your application in an unpredictable state as you have no idea when (or even if) the method will return . What if the file you opened was on a network server and just before calling Read, the server lost power Now when will Read return And so, if you are interested in writing responsive, robust, and scalable software, you should not call methods that perform synchronous I/O; you should instead call methods that perform asynchronous I/O . To asynchronously perform an I/O operation, you would call a BeginXxx method like FileStream s BeginRead method:
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For more information about network locations, see Understanding Location Types, 12 .
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C ha p ter 3 r U B Y S B U ILDI NG B LO C K S : D a t a , e X p r e S S I O N S , a N D F LO W C O N t r O L
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Note Session handling is a great PHP feature that allows you to keep track of variables specific to a certain visitor accessing the web site. While the visitor browses the catalog, its session variables are persisted by the web server and associated to a unique visitor identifier (which is stored by default in the visitor s browser as a cookie). The visitor s session object stores (name, value) pairs that are saved at server-side and are accessible for the entire visitor s session. In this chapter, we ll use the session feature for improving performance. When implementing the paging functionality, before requesting the list of products, you first ask the database for the total number of products that are going to be returned, so you can show the visitor how many pages of products are available. This number will be saved in the visitor s session, so if the visitor browses the pages of a list of products, the database wouldn t be queried multiple times for the total number of products on subsequent calls, this number will be directly read from the session (this functionality is implemented in the HowManyPages method that you ll implement later). In this chapter, you ll also use the session to implement the Continue Shopping buttons in product details pages.
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The implications of this one service are quite complex. In this case, you can see that this service relies on the Telephony service, which in turn relies on both the Plug And Play service and the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service running. Conversely, if the Remote Access Connection Manager service is not running, neither the Internet Con nection Firewall (ICF)/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service nor the Remote Access Auto Connection Manager service will start.
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So far in this chapter, you have seen that Task Manager is an easy-to-use tool, and you already know that the Performance console is a powerful tool. How do you know when it s best to use which tool You might choose to use the Performance console over Task Manager for two main reasons:
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Number of bits required for subnet ID Number of bits left for host ID Network prefix version of subnet mask Dotted-decimal version of subnet mask 2
14 Spatial Data
Once your network is fully deployed, you must ensure that the nodes on your network have adequate bandwidth to handle the job. Like air is to humans, bandwidth is to applications without it, they both suffocate. To that end, Windows Server 2003 pro vides several built-in tools that enable you to monitor your network performance. Monitoring the network can help you isolate specific problems and discount others. Therefore, you will need to know specifically how to monitor the network using Windows Server 2003. This section covers three tools that can help you when you encounter trouble areas. First, you explore the easy-to-use Network tab in Task Manager. Then you leverage what you learn there and move on to configuring triggers by using the Performance console. Finally, you explore some of the advanced capturing features found in Network Monitor.
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Then, all you need to do is load this configuration into a new Unity container. This requires just one line of code, as shown here.
Query Tuning
23 . . Open the Index .aspx page (the index view for the DotNetLinks) . Locate the section of code that iterates through the items and include a Delete action (put it along with the existing links to get the item s details and to edit the item):
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Solution 9-4a. Using NOT EXISTS Twice SQL> select 2 from 3 where 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 e.empno, e.ename, e.init employees e not exists (select c.* from courses c where c.category = 'BLD' and not exists (select r.* from registrations r where r.course = c.code and r.attendee = e.empno ) );
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