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Specialized Solution for Aggregate String Concatenation
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Validating Subclass Types While discussing validation through attributes, we should briefly touch on the factors involved when you validate a class that inherits from the type you specified when creating the validator you use to validate it. For example, if you have a class named SaleProduct that derives from Product, you can use a validator defined for the Product class to validate instances of the SaleProduct class. The Validate method will also apply any relevant rules defined in attributes in both the SaleProduct class and the Product base class. If the derived class inherits a member from the base class and does not override it, the validators for that member defined in the base class apply to the derived class. If the derived class inherits a member but overrides it, the validators defined in the base class for that member do not apply to the derived class. Validating Properties that are Objects In many cases, you may have a property of your class defined as the type of another class. For example, your OrderLine class is likely to have a property that is a reference to an instance of the Product class. It s common for this property to be defined as a base type or interface type, allowing you to set it to an instance of any class that inherits or implements the type specified for the property. You can validate such a property using an ObjectValidator attribute within the class. However, by default, the validator will validate the property using rules defined for the type of the property in this example the type IProduct. If you want the validation to take place based on the actual type of the object that is currently set as the value of the property, you can add the ValidateActualType parameter to the ObjectValidator attribute, as shown here.
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This formula instructs Excel to do the following: Read the contents of the rB1.IndicatorInChart cell . Then add a character string consisting of a blank space, a forward slash, and another blank space . Then add a formula result to this . To get this result, go to the rL1.PeriodHeader cell, and move down the number of rows specified by the value in the rL1.PeriodSel cell, but do not move across any columns (0 columns) to the right or left . The following formula would produce the same result (if you d like to test it also):
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Exam Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-41
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You can use the MediaElement control IsMuted property to set the audio to accompany the playback or not. This property is a Boolean value, and if you set it to true, no audio will be heard. Additionally, you can control the volume of the audio using the Volume property. This is a normalized value with 0 equal to no audio, 1 equal to full volume, and values in between representing the relative volume. So, for example, 0.43 sets the volume to play at 43 percent of its full capacity. Finally, the balance of the audio can be controlled with the Balance property. You can set this property with a value between 1 and +1. A value of 1 causes the audio to be panned all the way to the left that is, the left speaker plays the audio at 100 percent volume, and the right speaker plays no audio, or plays at 0 percent volume. A value of +1 causes just the opposite to happen the audio is panned all the way to the right, with the right speaker playing the audio at 100 percent volume. A value of 0 causes the volume to be distributed evenly between the two speakers.
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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The format argument takes what's called a numeric format string, which determines how the number is formatted. The formatProvider argument provides information on localization setting to assist in the formatting process. If formatProvider is null, default localization settings are used.
user must dial into the Internet first before creating a VPN connection with the organization s intranet. To be clear, double-dialing is a solu tion that allows a remote user to access the same VPN system, while using numerous different points of access to the Internet to get to the VPN. Exam ple: Joe is in New York on Monday; he dials a local access number to get to
public abstract class SafeHandleZeroOrMinusOneIsInvalid : SafeHandle { protected SafeHandleZeroOrMinusOneIsInvalid(Boolean ownsHandle) : base(IntPtr.Zero, ownsHandle) { } public override Boolean IsInvalid { get { if (base.handle == IntPtr.Zero) return true; if (base.handle == (IntPtr) (-1)) return true; return false; } } }
If you use a user control, you can t specify WebPart-specific properties such as Title. A possible workaround is to implement the IWebPart interface in your user control. Table 3-2 lists the main properties of the WebPart class and gives you an idea of the programming power of the Web part controls. The class indirectly inherits WebControl and Panel, so it also features quite a few extra visual properties, such as BackColor and BackImageUrl (not listed in the table).
Semitemporal support was quite easy to implement; however, it cannot provide an infrastructure for all business questions with temporal aspects . In the example I am developing, suppliers could have a contract valid for a limited time, and the attribute since is not sufficient to describe such a case . Instead of since, you could use two attributes, from and to, to help solve these problems . However, with the two attributes from and to in the design, as shown in Figure 12-1, many new issues arise . In this scenario, one supplier can appear multiple times in the Suppliers_FromTo table because the same supplier could be under contract for separate intervals of time . For example, you could
are then properly grouped by county.
Some of these hosts include DreamHost, Go Daddy (as a value-added application), PowerWeb, OpenSourceHost, Delphian Internet, HostGo, CirtexHosting, and DownTownHost. Before you do an installation from scratch, check to see if your host provides one that is preconfigured to match its system parameters.
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