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Figure 14-18 shows the relative position of the objects in the Points table to the polygon Area1 . The large shaded area extends .4 units from the polygon s boundary .
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Group Policy Object
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Your users will never see the schema name. You cannot change the schema name after you create the field. Schema names must be unique within a single entity. Any advanced customizations you create, such as the SDK code, scripting, and reports, will reference the schema name instead of the display name, so try to be consistent with casing (such as all lowercase, all Pascal case, or all camel case). Also, save your developers some keystrokes by keeping the name just long enough to describe its function but not so long that it takes forever to type.
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You would use this SimpleWaitLock exactly the same way that you d use the SimpleSpinLock . In fact, the external behavior is exactly the same; however, the performance of the two locks is radically different . When there is no contention on the lock, the SimpleWaitLock is much slower than the SimpleSpinLock because every call to SimpleWaitLock s Enter and Leave methods forces the calling thread to transition from managed code to the kernel and back which is bad . But when there is contention, the losing thread is blocked by the kernel and is not spinning and wasting CPU cycles which is good . Note also that constructing the AutoResetEvent object and calling Dispose on it also
This file contains numerous objects whose exact dimensions are referenced in the object itself or are discernible in another way . To check this, you can also click the objects and then read the measurement or set up a new measurement in the Ribbon under Drawing Tools, Format tab, and Size group . Note When you use cm or other metric values, you may notice that you sometimes have to
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