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Task E-mail Phone Call Letter Fax Appointment Service Activity Recurring Appointment
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This query returns the following output:
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<asp:SqlDataSource runat="server ID="MySqlSource ConnectionString="SERVER= ;DATABASE=northwind;UID= ; SelectCommand="SELECT * FROM employees />
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Figure 10-11 shows the user interface for creating an entity; we provide more information about each parameter in the following sub-sections.
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This includes LINQ to SQL classes and ADO.NET Entity Framework models.
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Figure 7-12. Administering product details
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726 ChAPTER 12
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Bind Once, Invoke Multiple Times
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DECLARE @root AS INT; SET @root = 1; -- CTE with two numbers: 1 and 2 WITH TwoNumsCTE AS ( SELECT 1 AS n UNION ALL SELECT 2 ), -- CTE with two binary sort paths for each node: -One smaller than descendants sort paths -One greater than descendants sort paths SortPathCTE AS ( SELECT empid, 0 AS lvl, n, CAST(n AS VARBINARY(MAX)) AS sortpath FROM dbo.Employees CROSS JOIN TwoNumsCTE WHERE empid = @root UNION ALL SELECT C.empid, P.lvl + 1, TN.n, P.sortpath + CAST( (-1+ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY C.mgrid -- *** determines order of siblings *** ORDER BY C.empname, C.empid))/2*2+TN.n
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What is the user doing when he is running an application How is the mobile device used differently from the desktop computer What special scenarios arising from mobile must you consider different from the desktop These are all questions considered in User Context. User Context is consideration for what the user is doing and where he is when he is using your application. The mobile device is different because it is mobile. It can be used in noisy, crowded environments. It may be used in bright environments. The user may be in a situation where he has time to interact with his device only for a small amount of time and only with partial attention and not the long interaction timeframe typical with a desktop. Mobile applications, therefore, are typically designed to do one task or activity well. The user may be doing something else while using your application. Consider this when designing.
Targeting the Animation
<%@ Page Language="C#" %> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <head> <title>Untitled Page</title> </head> <body> <h1> Hello World </h1> Nothing really showing here yet, except some HTML... </body> </html>
The .NET Framework API for reading configuration settings is designed to greatly simplify the code needed on the client. This API represents the perfect example of smooth XML integration. No matter how the configuration data is organized and where the data is located, the code you use to access the data is nearly identical. The only significant drawback I've noticed in the current implementation of the configuration API is that you can't rely on a common and official API to update settings. However, as this chapter showed, using XML writers or, better yet, XML DOM documents provides a quick and effective workaround. In this chapter, we reviewed the fundamentals of the .NET Framework configuration subsystem, the files in which it is articulated, and their related locations. Next we reviewed the properties and methods commonly used to access configuration settings. The final part of the chapter addressed the topics and the tasks involved in an in-depth customization of configuration files. In particular, you learned how to create new sections and new section handlers, and we examined a comprehensive example.
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Part I CLR Basics
One of the most interesting assembly features is the support for different versions of an assembly being used by different applications. Part of the identity for an assembly with a strong name is the version number, and the GAC can store multiple versions of an assembly without conflict. When an application depends on a strong-named assembly, the reference in the metadata specifies which version of the assembly is required. To demonstrate this, we'll create a new version of the StringPrinter assembly and a new application that depends on it. Assuming that the first version of StringPrinter.dll is installed in the GAC, we'll update the source files to include slightly different functionality and a new version number. The contents of the AssemblyInfo.cs file are as follows:
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DECLARE @firstkey AS INT, @rc AS INT; IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#CustsStage') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE #CustsStage; SELECT custid, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY (SELECT 0)) AS rownum INTO #CustsStage FROM InsideTSQL2008.Sales.Customers WHERE country = N'UK'; SET @rc = @@rowcount; EXEC dbo.GetSequence @val = @firstkey OUTPUT, @n = @rc; SELECT custid, @firstkey + rownum - 1 AS keycol FROM #CustsStage;
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