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Naming Loop Indexes
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NetBT Name Test
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On the right-hand side of the => operator is where you specify the anonymous function body . It is very common for the body to consist of a simple or complex expression that ultimately returns a non-void value . In the code just above, I was assigning lambda expressions that returned Strings to all the Func delegate variables . It is also quite common for the body to consist of a single statement . An example of this is when I called ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem, passing it a lambda expression that called Console.WriteLine (which returns void) .
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Performance Ratio 4:1 2:1 2:1 2:1
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One-to-Many Relationships The One-to-Many relationship happens when one record in a table can be associated with multiple records in the related table but not vice versa. In our case, this happens for the department category relation. A specific department can contain any number of categories, but each category belongs to exactly one department. Figure 4-2 better represents the Oneto-Many relationship between departments and categories. Another common scenario in which you see the One-to-Many relationship is with the order order_details tables, where order contains general details about the order (such as date, total amount, and so on), and order_details contains the products related to the order.
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FileAttributes fa = FileAttributes.System; fa = fa.Set(FileAttributes.ReadOnly); fa = fa.Clear(FileAttributes.System); fa.ForEach(f => Console.WriteLine(f));
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Part IV
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Security Event log confirming successful request
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Earlier in the chapter, in Listing 8-4, we executed a regular join (an equijoin) similar to the one shown in Listing 8-11. Listing 8-11. Regular Join select , from where order d.deptno, d.location e.ename, e.init employees e, departments d e.deptno = d.deptno by d.deptno, e.ename; LOCATION -------NEW YORK NEW YORK NEW YORK DALLAS DALLAS DALLAS DALLAS DALLAS CHICAGO ENAME -------CLARK KING MILLER ADAMS FORD JONES SCOTT SMITH ALLEN INIT ----AB CC TJA AA MG JM SCJ N JAM
The Devil s Guide to Debugging
Deploying Your VPN Routers
Subnet A: Subnet B: Subnet C: Subnet D: Subnet E: Subnet F: Subnet G:
Creating Your Own MMC Consoles 1063
When processed by an instance of the XmlDocument class, this file creates a tree like the one shown in Figure 5-1.
Because the Japanese characters are represented by more than one byte each, Ruby cannot work with them properly. Instead, it just picks off the first byte with [0] as opposed to the first character, and tries to convert that meaningless byte s value back into a character. One workaround provided by Ruby 1.8 is called jcode. This mechanism comes with Ruby, and puts Ruby into a mode that has bare support for UTF-8 (or other character encodings, mostly related to Japanese but we won t consider those here). UTF-8 (Unicode Transformation Format-8) is the most commonly used system of representing Unicode characters. By default, UTF-8 characters only take up one byte (for English alphabet characters, say), but, where necessary, will use more than one byte (for Japanese, Chinese, and so on). Using jcode, you can make regular expressions UTF-8 aware: $KCODE = 'u' require 'jcode' ".scan(/./) do |character| puts character end This result ensues: "
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