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Lesson 2: Creating Client Scripts with the Microsoft AJAX Library Lesson 3: Implementing jQuery
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the actual query plan. The reason is that you might have dynamic-length attribute types in your table with rows that vary in size. Actual Rebinds, and Actual Rewinds: These measures are relevant only for operators that appear as the inner side of a Nested Loops join; otherwise, Rebinds will show 1 and Rewinds will show 0. These operators refer to the number of times that an internal Init method is called. The sum of the number of rebinds and rewinds should be equal to the number of rows processed on the outer side of the join. A rebind means that one or more of the correlated parameters of the join changed and the inner side must be reevaluated. A rewind means that none of the correlated parameters changed and the prior inner result set might be reused. Bottom part of the info box: Shows other aspects related to the operator, such as the associated object name, output, arguments, and so on. In SQL Server 2005, you can get more detailed coverage of the properties of an operator in the Properties window (by pressing F4), as shown in Figure 3-15 .
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Once you ve referenced these assemblies you need to obtain a TeamFoundationServer object, which represents a connection to a Team Foundation Server. This object provides access to all of the services offered by the Team Foundation Server such as build, version control, and work-item tracking. The recommended way to create a TeamFoundationServer object is to pass the URL or Registered Server Name to the GetServer method of the TeamFoundationServerFactory class.
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A common weakness in programmers approaches to software evolution is that it goes on as an un-self-conscious process. If you recognize that evolution during development is an inevitable and important phenomenon and plan for it, you can use it to your advantage. Evolution is at once hazardous and an opportunity to approach perfection. When you have to make a change, strive to improve the code so that future changes are easier. You never know as much when you begin writing a program as you do afterward. When you have a chance to revise a program, use what you ve learned to improve it. Make both your initial code and your changes with future changes in mind. The Cardinal Rule of Software Evolution is that evolution should improve the internal quality of the program. The following sections describe how to accomplish this.
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if (_hyperLink != null) { _hyperLink.NavigateUrl = this.URL; } } }
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Managing the Logon Process
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In this exercise, you create a delegation on Computer1 that connects to the zone sub.domain1.local on Computer2. 1. From Computer1, log on to Domain1 as Administrator. 2. Open the DNS console. 3. In the DNS console tree, select the Domain1.local node. Next, right-click the Domain1.local node and select New Delegation The New Delegation Wizard launches. 4. Click Next. The Delegated Domain Name page appears. 5. In the Delegated Domain text box, type sub, and then click Next. The Name Servers page appears. 6. Click Add. The New Resource Record dialog box appears. 7. In the Server Fully Qualified Domain Name text box, type computer2.sub. domain1.local. 8. In the IP Address text box, type the IP address currently assigned to Computer2. 9. Click Add and then click OK. 10. On the Name Servers page of the New Delegation Wizard, click Next. The Completing The New Delegation Wizard page appears. 11. Click Finish. In the DNS console tree, you will now see the Sub delegation node under the domain1.local zone. 12. Use the DNS console to answer the following question: how many host (A) resource records does Computer1 hold for the sub.domain1.local domain
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Lesson 2
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Remove Node From A SQL Server Failover Cluster
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Data and Document Management
Questions and Answers
Before You Begin. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 624 Lesson 1: Getting Started with LINQ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 625 Introducing LINQ Querying Data with LINQ Transforming Data with LINQ Lesson Summary Lesson Review LINQ to DataSet LINQ to SQL LINQ to Entities Lesson Summary Lesson Review Case Scenario 1: Writing LINQ Queries Case Scenario 2: Working with LINQ and ADO.NET Write LINQ Queries Work with LINQ and ADO.NET 625 628 637 647 647 649 664 672 680 681 682 682 683 683
All playlist formats are text files . The Windows Media Playlist format uses XML tags to save your selections . You can open any saved playlist (including Auto Playlists) in a text editor to verify its contents, as shown on the next page .
Services. Services are components that encapsulate non-UI related functionality,
Before using the new data type, I have to take care of one more issue . How do I prevent binding the wrong schema to a product of a specific category For example, how do I prevent binding a condiments schema to a beverage I want to have a declarative
Finally, I have to test whether the operators of the interval algebra work as expected . I am checking all three Union, Intersect, and Minus at the same time . However, I have to perform multiple checks with different intervals . I am checking interval algebra operators on intervals that overlap, that meet, that have nothing in common, and when one is properly included in the other:
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