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Customizing Companyweb
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Using Expression Blend to Design Animations
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Navigate to the files you generated. Open these files and examine them. There should be a configuration file that defines an endpoint for communicating with the service. There should also be a code file that shows how to call the WCF service. This is the proxy class you can use to write an actual client. These are also the same files that get generated when you set a service reference to a WCF service.
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EXEC ( 'SELECT productid, productname, unitprice FROM InsideTSQL2008.Production.Products WHERE ProductID = ;', 3 ) AT [Dojo];
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turning this setting on for the AccessDatabase1 linked server so that the code samples that I ll be demonstrating will work . For details about enabling RPC, please refer to the section Security for Remote Servers in SQL Server Books Online at ms175030.aspx .
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Simple Types
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Automatic Memory Management (Garbage Collection)
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Here s the code that you need to generate the test data and populate a target table:
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In addition to allowing objects in the cache to expire by duration, you can set up dependencies for the cached items . For example, imagine your program loads some data from a file and places it into the cache . The backing file (that is, the source of the cached information) might change, making the data in the cache invalid . ASP .NET supports setting up a dependency between the cached item and the file so that changing the file invalidates the cached item . The conditions under which the cached items may be flushed include when a file changes, a directory changes, another cache entry is removed, or data in a table in Microsoft SQL Server changes (this is an often requested feature available since ASP .NET 2 .0) . Here s an example that illustrates setting up cache dependencies .
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I/O Request Priorities
Use of the ref keyword creates a reference parameter. When a function member is invoked using a ref parameter, the function member parameter variable represents the same variable used by the caller instead of a new variable being created and assigned the value of the calling argument. The importance of this is that any changes made within the function member to the variables will be visible to the caller. For example:
Using profiles in this way is extremely easy compared to the alternatives, because you do not need to explicitly determine who the user is or perform any database lookups. Simply referring to a profile property value causes ASP.NET to perform the necessary actions to identify the current user and look up the value in the persistent profile store.
e. Set the SitePrefDropDownList.AutoPostBack property to true. f.
Global data complicates the picture. If the class you want to reuse reads or writes global data, you can t just plug it into the new program. You have to modify the new program or the old class so that they re compatible. If you take the high road, you ll modify the old class so that it doesn t use global data. If you do that, the next time you need to reuse the class you ll be able to plug it in with no extra fuss. If you take the low road, you ll modify the new program to create the global data that the old class needs to use. This is like a virus; not only does the global data affect the original program, but it also spreads to new programs that use any of the old program s classes.
You have two main options for creating custom functionality in Silverlight: With a UserControl: The simplest way to create a piece of custom functionality is to implement it with a UserControl. Once the UserControl is created, you can then reuse it across your application. As a custom control: The content that is rendered is built from scratch by the developer. This is by far the most complex option for creating a custom control. You would need to do this when you want to implement functionality that is unavailable with the existing controls in Silverlight. In this chapter s exercise, you will take the custom control approach.
The first method allows you to specify which generation(s) to collect . You can pass any integer from 0 to GC.MaxGeneration inclusive . Passing 0 causes generation 0 to be collected, passing 1 causes generations 1 and 0 to be collected, and passing 2 causes generations 2, 1, and 0 to be collected . The version of the Collect method that takes no parameters forces a full collection of all generations and is equivalent to calling:
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