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The whole SOAP request code is enclosed in a try block. If the SOAP request fails, it throws an exception of the SoapFault type, which we transform into an error using the trigger_error() function. Read more on the SOAP exception at en/ The result of the SOAP request is an object containing the requested data. If you load test_soap.php in your browser (don t forget to put your Access Key ID in it), it should display the data in a text format that s not easy to read by the human eye. The code starts by creating a SOAP client object to the Amazon SOAP Web Service: // Initialize SOAP client object $client = new SoapClient( ''); The referenced WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) file describes all the functions and their parameters types that Amazon SOAP server understands. The earlier created Amazon SOAP client object knows about all these functions, and you can call them now using something like this: $result = $client->ItemSearch($request); Alternatively, you can make the exact same call, and implicitly obtain the same results, by using the __soapCall function ( soap-soapclient-soapcall.php), like this: $result->__soapCall('ItemSearch', array ($request)); The Web Service request does an ItemSearch operation on the super+hats keywords in the Apparel store. The whole request is placed in a try-catch block that catches any potential exceptions and generates an error. Read more on the SoapFault exception class, which contains the details of the SOAP error, at is-soap-fault.php. Loading test_soap.php would generate the result shown in Figure 17-6.
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In this XAML, the DataGrid has its columns predefined using <my:DataGrid.Columns>. Within this, you can override the default columns template of one field per cell by defining a new <my:DataGridTemplateColumn.CellTemplate> for each cell, which will contain the code to define how you want the cell to be rendered. As you can see, you have defined only two cells, so this grid, regardless of the number of data fields, will have only two columns. The first column, defined by the first cell template, will be a StackPanel containing three text fields a hard-coded 123, the data-bound strHead property of the NewsHeadline class, and the data-bound strPubDate of the NewsHeadline class. The StackPanel stacks these fields vertically.
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Open Visual Studio. Create a new file-based website (File | New | Web Site) called globalsite. By default, Visual Studio will create your site to use master pages. This example will not use master pages (see the note later in this step for more information).
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24. Right-click Users, click NEW, and then click Computer.
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Key Points
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Note How can you change the layout of the DetailsView control, thus simulating the results you would obtain with templates You can hook up the ItemCreated event and modify the layout by adding new controls and/or replacing existing controls.
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Figure 7-12 Entering the device class into a device restriction policy.
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Attributes applied to Program: System.SerializableAttribute System.Diagnostics.DebuggerDisplayAttribute Value=Richter, Name=Jeff, Target=Program System.Reflection.DefaultMemberAttribute MemberName=Main Attributes applied to DoSomething: System.Diagnostics.ConditionalAttribute ConditionString=Release System.Diagnostics.ConditionalAttribute ConditionString=Debug Attributes applied to Main: System.CLSCompliantAttribute IsCompliant=True System.STAThreadAttribute Attributes applied to .ctor: None
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Customers that purchase Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online do not need to purchase the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Server license. Instead, they only need to pay the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional edition monthly fee for each active user.
$customer_credit_card->init(); // Assign template variable $smarty->assign($params['assign'], $customer_credit_card); } class CustomerCreditCard { // Public attributes public $mCustomerCreditCardTarget; public $mReturnLink; public $mReturnLinkProtocol = 'http'; public $mCardHolderError; public $mCardNumberError; public $mExpDateError; public $mCardTypesError; public $mPlainCreditCard; public $mCardTypes; // Private attributes private $_mErrors = 0; private $_mHaveData = 0; public function __construct() { $this->mPlainCreditCard = array('card_holder' => '', 'card_number' => '', 'issue_date' => '', 'expiry_date' => '', 'issue_number' => '', 'card_type' => '', 'card_number_x' => ''); $url_base = substr(getenv('REQUEST_URI'), strrpos(getenv('REQUEST_URI'), '/') + 1, strlen(getenv('REQUEST_URI')) - 1); $url_parameter_prefix = (count($_GET) == 1 ' ' : '&'); // Set form action target $this->mCustomerCreditCardTarget = $url_base; // Set the return page $this->mReturnLink = str_replace($url_parameter_prefix . 'UpdateCreditCardDetails', '', $url_base); if (isset($_GET['Checkout']) && USE_SSL != 'no') $this->mReturnLinkProtocol = 'https'; if (!(empty ($_POST['sended']))) $this->_mHaveData = 1;
When I'm doing code reviews, ensuring that exceptions are completely documented is one of my hot buttons and I always look to make sure they are. Since I'm mentioning code reviews and exceptions, I'll point out three other things I always look for. The first is finally blocks in any methods or properties that are opening anything that could be construed as a handle-based resource, which ensures those items get cleaned up. I also look for any catch (Exception) { } or catch { } blocks and ensure they are doing a throw. Finally, I always double-check to make sure that re-throws never have a parameter after them like the following: try { // Do some stuff. } catch (DivideByZeroException e ) { // DON'T DO THIS!! throw e ; } When you re-throw the exception, you lose the information about where the exception originated. The final issue I want to mention about exceptions concerns the C# using statement. The using statement expands into the same Intermediate Language code as a try finally block and calls the Dispose method on the single object specified inside the using statement. It's perfectly reasonable to use the using statement, but I prefer not to because what's happening behind the scenes isn't as obvious. Summary Exceptions are a radically different concept in .NET that they were in the Win32 world. With ExceptionMon, you now have a way to monitor them, which means you can use them more efficiently. I encourage you to experiment with ExceptionMon you'll be quite surprised about what goes on in your applications. The magic of ExceptionMon is the incredible Profiling API. Since the Profiling API allows you to see all sorts of interesting happenings inside the CLR, you have at your fingertips extreme power for writing the kind of tools you've in the past only dreamed about. As you'll see in subsequent chapters, there's much more you can do with the Profiling API. I hope I gave you some food for thought when it comes to actually using and implementing exceptions inside your own .NET projects. The bible when it comes to learning about exceptions is still the chapters in Jeffrey Richter's books, and I encourage you to read it. The key, though, is to think about and plan your exception usage right from the beginning. We have this wonderful tool at our disposal now, but if we use it improperly, we can really cause development trouble as our product matures.
Choosing a Story Thread
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Note This technique is only practical to demonstrate if you re running analyzer.rb from a command
Here as well, you can use loops instead of a recursive CTE to optimize the solution, as demonstrated earlier with the BOM scenario. Run the following code to create the RoadsTC UDF, which returns the transitive closure of Roads using loops:
This is the communications protocol that Visual Studio will use to connect to the web server. Web Deploy uses HTTPS (HTTP Secure), FTP uses unencrypted File Transfer Protocol (FTP) communications, FPSE uses encrypted FTP communications, and File System uses standard network file sharing. Any of the settings allows you to deploy files. If you choose Web Deploy, you can publish IIS web server settings, database schema and data, database scripts, security settings, and more.
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