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Figure 3 11. The Debug View when execution has stopped
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Sending and Receiving Messages
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Part III
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Part II Solutions
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Expect to see a question in which DHCP is not functioning because either the scope has not been activated or the server has not been authorized.
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CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX idx_nc_od_i_oid ON dbo.Orders(orderdate) INCLUDE(orderid);
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Note This syntax is not standard, and you should avoid it unless it has a compelling bene t over
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Using Ramaze s default code generator results in a structure of directories, the inclusion of the jQuery JavaScript library, and many default code and view files. This makes it appear a little like Rails on the surface. However, it s also possible to strip all of that away and write a singlefile Ramaze application. Here s an example of a single-file Ramaze app: require 'rubygems' require 'ramaze'
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Set theory, functions, and logic are intimately connected, and one connection among them is the notion of the characteristic function of a set.
The Silverlight control works much the same way as all of the other server-side controls work . They end up in the page s control tree and send HTML to the browser . The Silverlight control emits the HTML necessary to allow the client browser to load Silverlight and host the content in it .
Apply Once And Do Not Reapply The results of preference items are rewritten each time Group Policy refreshes, which is every 90 minutes by default. Select this option and preferences will apply once for the computer, no matter how many users share the computer. Select this option in user con guration and the item will be applied once on each computer the user logs in to. Item-Level Targeting You can use item-level targeting to apply preference items to individual users and computers. You can include multiple preference items, each tailored for selected users or computers and each targeted to apply settings only to the relevant users or computers.
UNPIVOT is the inverse of PIVOT, rotating data from a state of multiple column values from the same row to multiple rows, each with a different source column value. Before I demonstrate UNPIVOT's logical phases, first run the code in Listing 1-4, which creates and populates the PivotedCategories table.
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