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Note Oracle SQL Reference uses different terms for two similar concepts: functions without arguments and pseudo columns. For example, SYSDATE and USER are listed as functions, and ROWNUM, LEVEL, and NEXTVAL are listed as pseudo columns. If you check older versions of the documentation, you will see that Oracle changed terminology over the years. In version 5.1, both SYSDATE and USER were pseudo columns; in version 6.0, SYSDATE was promoted to a function, but USER was still a pseudo column; and in version 7.3, both SYSDATE and USER were documented as functions. You could argue that SYSDATE and USER return the same value for every row, while ROWNUM, LEVEL, and NEXTVAL normally return different values. According to the current Oracle SQL Reference, functions take zero or more arguments. This book sometimes refers to items as pseudo columns where Oracle SQL Reference refers to them as functions.
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The SQL language supports four arithmetic operators, as shown in Table 2-5. Table 2-5. SQL Arithmetic Operators
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The following code shows how to use the AppDomainMonitorDelta class:
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Windows Server 2008 Services by Role
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Setting Up the Application The key functions of a save-and-resume application can be summarized in three categories. First, the application must be able to work disconnected, thus transparently using a local copy of the back-end database. Next, the application must allow you to review, filter, and reject changes. Finally, the application must allow you to reconnect and submit changes at any time. Figure 10-7 shows the key elements of the architecture.
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19. General Control Issues
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Now we must configure the calling router. Deploying the calling router for a site-tosite VPN connection consists of the following steps: 1. Configure the calling router s connection to the site. 2. Run the Routing And Remote Access Server Setup Wizard. 3. Configure a demand-dial interface. generate code 39 barcode
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Here s how Disk Management might look after the creation of a new spanned volume (the bar over the new rectangle is magenta). The span uses the maximum possible space on Disk 1 and Disk 3, generating a single volume under the drive letter I.
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using System; internal struct Point : IComparable { private readonly Int32 m_x, m_y; // Constructor to easily initialize the fields public Point(Int32 x, Int32 y) { m_x = x; m_y = y; } // Override ToString method inherited from System.ValueType public override String ToString() { // Return the point as a string return String.Format("({0}, {1})", m_x, m_y); } // Implementation of type-safe CompareTo method public Int32 CompareTo(Point other) { // Use the Pythagorean Theorem to calculate // which point is farther from the origin (0, 0) return Math.Sign(Math.Sqrt(m_x * m_x + m_y * m_y)
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to the index template when it encounters the yield method. This results in a page that contains all of layout s HTML, but with index s specific HTML embedded within. You can, of course, have more than one layout. For example, if you defined a second layout called anotherlayout, you could tell erb to render it specifically: erb :index, :layout => :anotherlayout You could also choose to render no layout at all: erb :index, :layout => false
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Figure 11.14 Writing files to the CD. 12. When the CD writing completes, click Finish to exit the CD Writing Wizard. Click Close to exit the Publish Wizard. You can repeat this process as many times as you like using the same recordable CD, as long as there is sufficient space on the disc to contain your next presentation. If you
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C:\>ssbdiagnose -E -d Inventory CONFIGURATION FROM SERVICE // TO SERVICE //
There are two basic methods for sending e-mail from SBS: direct delivery and forwarding. Direct delivery uses DNS to route e-mail directly to the server that the DNS records point to for the recipient s e-mail domain. E-mail doesn t pass through any other Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) servers along the way and is shown as being directly sent from your SBS Internet domain. The second method forwards all your mail to another SMTP server that is con gured to both accept incoming e-mail for forwarding and to understand how to nd the correct destination for the e-mail. Most Internet service providers (ISPs) provide this kind of forwarding server, known as a Smart Host.
An off-subnet address range, which is an address range that repre
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