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SELECT empid, lvl FROM dbo.Managers(8, 2) AS M;
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Personalizing Windows Vista
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Implementation Class DESCryptoServiceProvider RC2CryptoServiceProvider RijndaelManaged TripleDESCryptoServiceProvider
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You can also use the CommandArgument property of the Button control to provide additional information about the command to perform. This property is also available from the CommandEventArgs object. The Button control also contains a CausesValidation property. This property, set to true by default, causes page validation to be performed when a Button control is clicked. Set the CausesValidation property to false when you want the Button control to bypass page validation. Reset and help buttons are examples of buttons that typically bypass validation. See 5, Input Validation and Site Navigation, for more details on page validation. Browsers render the Button control as an ordinary button. If you need the power of the Button control but prefer the browser to render it as a hyperlink or an image, use the LinkButton or ImageButton control. Those controls behave like buttons, but additionally expose properties for defining the link or image.
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To edit the name of an image or video file in Windows Photo Gallery, use any of the following techniques: c# example
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Customizing a SharePoint Site
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Studio .NET, on the Debug toolbar, click the new Options button, and in the Options dialog box, check the Use Full Page Heap option as shown in Figure 17-4. This option is not available in the standalone APPVERIF.EXE program, and more checking is always better. Figure 17-4 also shows that I haven't checked Break In The Debugger After Each Logged Event. If this checkbox is checked, you'll be stopping every 15 nanoseconds as the AppVerifier add-in reports something.
Case Scenarios
DHCP Header Fields
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