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VALUES(@first, @prvseqval); SET @first = @seqval; END SET @prvseqval = @seqval; FETCH NEXT FROM C INTO @seqval; END IF @first IS NOT NULL INSERT INTO @Islands(start_range, end_range) VALUES(@first, @prvseqval); CLOSE C; DEALLOCATE C; SELECT start_range, end_range FROM @Islands;
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Sharing Files with Public Folders
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The Cache Dependency Functionality
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Once web restrictions are in place, if your child strays to a site that is blocked, the web browser displays a page similar to the one shown in Figure 10-23. Your child can gain access to the site by clicking the Ask An Administrator For Permission link and persuading you (or anyone with an administrator account) to enter your password.
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Therefore, unlike the other chart types, each data point can adopt any position in a twodimensional area . This is the only way to comprehend how a data series drawn as a line can also become a spiral . We will show this, for example, in the Axes worksheet in the sample file or in Figure 3-31 . In the following paragraphs, I have chosen to show just three of its many possible uses: Example 1
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Allow different types of access for different users or groups of users, include classifications of users not available in the Sharing wizard Fine-tune permissions on specific files or folders
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In extreme cases, especially in new-technology environments, your tools might be so primitive that you re forced to change your desired programming approach significantly. In such cases, you might have to balance your desire to program into the language with the accidental difficulties that are created when the language makes your desired approach too cumbersome. But in such cases, you will benefit even more from programming conventions that help you steer clear of those environments most hazardous features. In more typical cases, the gap between what you want to do and what your tools will readily support will require you to make only relatively minor concessions to your environment.
Table 11-6. Sample of UDTs for a Word Processor UDT Abbreviation ch Meaning Character (a character not in the C++ sense, but in the sense of the data type a word-processing program would use to represent a character in a document) Document Paragraph Screen region Selection Window
The size of the company and the diversity of the portfolio explain why there is no one way to build and ship products at Microsoft. At its very heart, Microsoft is a software company powered by the innovations of its employees. Even across diverse products and processes, product groups share many of the same best practices and tools used for testing software. Part 1 of this book focuses on the people side of Microsoft: how we organize teams, and how teams approach challenges in testing the breadth of software Microsoft offers. Parts 2 through 4 explain and demonstrate how our best practices and tools work.
Managing Network Security 11-87
Adding Articles
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
That s all it takes to get a DataGrid ready to use bound data. Before you look at more of the properties, methods, and events associated with the control, do a simple data binding. You can bind to an RSS feed at http://feeds.reuters.com/reuters/oddlyEnoughNews format=xml. Next, add a button to the page, and wire up a Click event handler. Add the following code to this to set up a WebClient object to read from the URI, and add an event handler to manage the completion of the download:
Switching Between Display Types
File system A file-system based website stores all of the files for the website inside a directory of your choosing. When you debug the website, Visual Studio runs the lightweight ASP.NET development server that is included in Visual Studio. A file-system based site is great when you want to run and debug your website locally but do not want to run a local IIS web server (or cannot due to security restrictions on your network). FTP An FTP-based website is useful when you want to connect to your site via FTP to manage your files on a remote server. This option is typically used when your website is hosted on a remote computer and your access to the files and folders on that server is through FTP.
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