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One problem with building Deep Zoom applications is that the de facto standard control for zooming in and out of an image is the mouse wheel button, but Silverlight and the .NET Framework don t handle events that use the mouse wheel button. You can solve this dilemma in two ways. The first is to use JavaScript rather than C# because the browser can capture rotation of the mouse wheel button and fire an event in response. The second option is to use the browser bridge to Silverlight so that the browser captures the event and then informs .NET that it has done so, after which the code to handle the event is implemented in .NET. Doing this is a lot easier than it sounds, and it is how code that is created by Deep Zoom Composer works. In the MouseWheelHelper.cs class, you can see the following code:
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The Internet Connection Sharing service is not running Open the Services console, and then check to see that the Status column alongside the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service reads Started . If necessary, right-click the Service entry and choose Start or Restart from the shortcut menu . The wrong network adapter is shared In Network And Sharing Center, click Manage Network Connections and confirm that you ve selected the correct adapter . You want to share the adapter that is connected to the internet; the adapter that connects to the rest of your network should not be shared . The settings on other network computers are incorrect Computers running any version of Windows should be able to connect to the internet through an ICS host when configured to obtain an IP address automatically and obtain DNS server addresses automatically . Leave the default gateway field blank when configuring network settings .
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It is important to realize that not all actions are available for collection during all events and that they are processed after predicates to minimize processing overhead .
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1. Open the Active Directory Users And Computers administrative tool. 2. In the console tree, double-click the domain name, right-click Users, point to New, and then click User. 3. In the New Object User dialog box, type VPNUser in the First Name text box, type VPNUser in the User Logon Name text box, and click Next. 4. In the second New Object User dialog box, type a password in the Password and Confirm Password text boxes. Clear the User Must Change Password At Next Logon check box, select the Password Never Expires check box, and click Next. 5. In the third New Object User dialog box, click Finish.
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Entries are written to the event log using the EventLog.WriteEntry method; WriteEntry offers a choice of ten instance and static overloads. The static methods of EventLog mirror the instance methods but take an extra argument that identifies the event source. Instance methods use the source specified in the EventLog.Source property; an exception is thrown if the Source property isn't set when WriteEntry is called. When WriteEntry is called, an entry is made to the log that the source is registered against. If the source of a WriteEntry call isn't already registered against a log, it's automatically registered; static WriteEntry overloads register the source against the Application log, whereas instance overloads use the log specified by the EventLog.Log property. If the Source and Log properties don't match the configured source/log registration settings when WriteEntry is called, an ArgumentException is thrown. The arguments that can be passed to the various overloaded versions of WriteEntry are summarized in Table A-8.
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Using L2TP/IPSec
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Windows Server 2003 Lite and Full Network Monitor Tools. . . . . . . . . 12-16
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Next, identify the variable state combinations for each subsequent pair of parameters from all possible combinations, and combine those sets of variable state combinations with test combinations from the
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C03620245.fm Page 77 Wednesday, June 9, 2004 5:25 PM
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Note If you ve resized an image using height and width, you can retrieve the original height and width
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All these projects are available as complete solutions for the practice exercises (in case you need any inspiration) .
The syntax of C# ensures that many CLS rules can't be broken. For example, C# doesn't permit the declaration of global static fields or non-zero-based arrays, both requirements of
Constructor Declaration Context Member of Class Accessibility public protected private internal protected internal Inheritance
Mixed Chart Types
4 . . In the handler, instantiate a QuotesCollection object and call Synthesize to generate the data . In the page, you have a reference to the Server object . Call the MapPath method in the Server object to get the physical path for saving the file . Then, use that path to create an XML file and a schema file . The DataTable will do this for you automatically by calling the WriteXmlSchema and WriteXml methods, respectively .
To change the owner of all subcontainers, select the Replace Owner On Subcontainers And Objects check box.
You can skip the clean phase entirely by setting the SkipClean property to true and even if the clean phase is skipped the BeforeClean and AfterClean extensibility targets will still be invoked. Because incremental gets and incremental builds (discussed later in this chapter) give ner-grained control than skipping the clean phase it would be unusual to set the SkipClean property.
public class LocationLookupServiceBeanTest { private LocationLookupServiceBean service; private ZipcodeDAO mock; @Configuration(beforeTestClass = true) protected void setUp() throws ConfigurationException { ConfigurationLoader.loadMapping(new File(Paths.BASEDIR + "/dd/dynadto/Location.dto.xml")); mock = createMock(ZipcodeDAO.class); service = new LocationLookupServiceBean(); service.setZipcodeDAO(mock); service.setBuilderFactory(BuilderFactory.getInstance()); service.initialization(); } @Test(groups = {"services"}) public void testSearchLocations() { // data stub Zipcode stub = new Zipcode(); stub.setZip(43081); stub.setCity("Westerville"); stub.setState("OH"); List<Zipcode> stubList = new ArrayList<Zipcode>(); stubList.add(stub);
Appendix F. Java to .NET API Reference
Figure 8.3 The first page of the Capture Wizard. As you use the different capture options, you will notice that several pages within the Capture Wizard are repeated, often with only slight differences. This helps make the capturing process simpler because many of the same tasks apply regardless of the capture option you choose. This occurs for common tasks you perform when capturing, such as choosing your capture settings, choosing capture devices, and capturing the actual video and audio to your computer. Most likely, you will use the Capture Wizard more than once while creating a presentation. For example, you may need to first capture audio and video from a Web camera using the Video with audio option. You may then need to capture still images from your computer screen. After you save a captured file, you can then capture more content by using the Back button on the Capture Wizard to go back to the Capture Video, Audio, or Still Images page and selecting the appropriate capture option. On the first page of the Capture Wizard, some capture options may be shaded and cannot be selected. This occurs if you do not have the capture device that is necessary for that specific type of capture. For example, if you do not have a video recording device
DECLARE @Orders AS VARCHAR(8000), @custid AS INT; SET @custid = 1; SET @Orders = ''; SELECT @Orders = @Orders + CAST(orderid AS VARCHAR(10)) + ';' FROM Sales.Orders WHERE custid = @custid; SELECT @Orders;
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